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Hello, this is SIU on this windy night. Tonight's image is Yama, King of the Dogs. I thought Yama fit best here considering this week's chapter ^^; If you look at the words King of Dogs though, I'm not sure if that's a title you'd want to have keke. Yama always looks half naked, but I think he would look cool fully dressed too. ​

This chapter... Zon is coming at this moment. I had a long moment on when to put it in. I had it drawn out a fair amount, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to cut it and connect it with this bit or make it an entire flashback like this chapter. Since Webtoons are a lot more free when it comes to editing, I can change up the content like it's a movie or TV show. In the case of Gado, there's more to talk about, but I do try not to have too much of one character, so I try to not overdo anything if I can help it. This kinds of problems are always difficult ^^;

​On Khun's "Revival" ability, there seems to be a misconception, but it's fairly limited. It's not so much a true revival, but more of a blowing a dying ember into a new fire. At the last bit, Yama finally escapes the Envoy's Gambit. This is the moment when Yama will start being more active in this arc. I first wanted to say "Leader of the Dogs" instead when it says "King of the Dogs", but the latter sounded a lot more direct. Although King is Zahard's title in respective to all of the Tower, there are kingly figures in certain groups or races or nations that use the word as well like so.

​Now that the weather's getting relaxed, I've been working outside a bit. Ever since my neck pains started I avoided outside work, but I've been getting better, and I bought myself tools that help me strain less and installed them hehe. Sometimes working like this helps me change up the mood. Working, but feels like I'm resting. It's the weekend when you think about it haha.

Anyway: Will our King Dog start doing something next week? What will Baam's team do in this chaotic moment? Stay tuned. I feel inadaquate, but I will work hard so I can come back next week. I think to myself "I should do better" quite often these days. Thank you to those supporting me.

Then have a healthy happy week, and see you next week.

Thank you!!




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