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So Today's Afterword Picture is John. Actually, when you focus on the story of the main characters, it gets harder to focus on the people of each arc, so I end up having to stretch arcs just to give the characters specific to the arc some additional panels. This particular week's chapter isn't necessarily linked to that, but since all we've seen of this character is him naked, so^^;; I wanted to put some clothes on him, so I went with John.

This week, as it was last week is a stormy cage. As is with any work, there's always trouble where the main characters go. I always thought "Why does it have to be this timing!!" when I read manhwa, but now I understand their thought process hehe. If they don't stir things how are they the main character?

Baam's party is figuring out the situation in the Cage and acting accordingly, and we have the Officers fighting. Their fighting styles and names are meant to be fairly similar. Even if it may be a bit long, I wanted to use less western loanwords for them and more Korean and Hanja​ based words for them. They're nothing too impressive, but that's what it is haha.

The Cage upon which Yama sleeps is getting louder. On how this will end, stay tuned.

I've been going to the hospital because my neck isn't feeling well [tn: Korea has good healthcare system, dw about SIU's money] but things are getting tense it's an important body part when it comes to drawing. I've been hearing all the time how I should not use it and rest from the hospital, but still ^^;; Still, they've been administering medication to me, some by syringe, I've been excising, reducing workload and keeping care of it. I hope it gets better soon. (If it doesn't work the afterwords will be reduced) [TN: SIU get better soon I want to keep my job]

​I started Pilates, which is actually really hard. My body's that of an old man. Now that I think of it I could have done a lot of different things in my life, but there's a lot I haven't done simply because I was too focused on meeting deadlines every week. It sounds like an excuse, but one of those things I neglected is my body, so belatedly I feel sorry to my body and to my parents. However, I still think I would have done the same if I went back. I actually really like this work. I still do ^^;;

I hope you enjoyed this week, and will return next week with the Cage in chaos.

Thank you!




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