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Afterword pic s3 ep14.png

[IMAGE: Gado: I had that resignation paper on me since always | Khun: Isn't backstabbing my job? | Baam: You need to be careful about getting stabbed in general | Rak: Is that the cool defector look?]Hi there, this is SIU. This week's picture is Gado feeling good after sending in his resignation paper. Actually, since all the Dog People in this arc have thick lines, they may look quite different from the more thinly lined characters that many like. This is my attempt at making them appear hard boiled. It's not a style that's very popular these days haha. ​ ​---

This week... Jorden looks like a green hot dog (...) actually, I was wondering whether l should use green according to the concept I had for him, because he didn't turn out as I imagined him. But I couldn't have all the characters be similar colors, and I wanted the officers of the Dog People to have a diverse set of colors, so now Jorden gets to be a strong green hot dog... Not too tasty looking but definitely strong. Still, Jorden seems to like Baam, and I think he's quite a likable character.

Looks like Baam's theater is all sorted out, and Khun suddenly got revived too haha. It seems that by being awoken by Yeon Un's powers he gained another power of some sort. Please keep an eye out for how that power exactly works.

At the end, we see Gado submit his resignation when he sees Joe... bruh give it to yama insted man...(...) I suppose it would be scary to submit any kind of papers directly to the boss. It seems Yama's faction seems to have the unity of bean powder. Shock and awe... total mayhem... [tn: dog pun here] Anyway, Gado's rally strong, so if few really defects, Baam might be in trouble.

When I work, I usually do not set aside a rest day and work continuously, but my throat's been hurting the last few days, so today I only worked during morning. It hasn't been too long since my hiatus, but I worked a lot during my hiatus, so it was nice to be able to enjoy my weekend for a moment. Breaks are nice haha. It is troublesome that now I'm older I don't heal as quickly even when I rest in time of illness. This is especially so consisering that it's hard to do good even when I'm working hard. I too wish I was a more skillful author frequently. Maybe it's because I am not very good that my body suffers hehe.

As I continue posting, the hardest thing seems to be that I can't always be new. It's difficult to find fun in what's constant and familiar, but I find that there's meaning behind being able to go forward with these kids I've grown attatched to. I hope you guys are having a fun journey with me without it being overwhelming.

Well then, I will work hard to come next week with more Tower of God

Stay happy, stay healthy, and have a nice week

Thank you! ^^




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