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Hello, this is SIU. This is Season 3 Chapter 11. I personally like the feel that the number 11 has. haha. This week's picture is High Ranker Paul, who just appeared out of nowhere.​This week... Baam's new skill is quite flashy hehe. This skill, like the previous one isn't a specific technique, but is more so a basis for an overall powerup. It's good that it's flashy, but drawing it is a pain... The people helping me out are hard at work too haha. Anyway, this technique is only possible for the few who were born with certain traits, and the only reason it can be driven to this extreme is because Baam is absolutely optimized for this kind of technique. Not only is Baam an utter mountain of born talent for being actually able to pull it off, but Yu Hansung who was able to set the framework and teach this technique is also very skilled. He probably got a moment of exhilaration when he saw Baam replicate his theory perfectly.

On Khun's end... We have a surprise High Ranker (..) This is like a lion wandering into a cat fight... There were some foreshadowing I threw in that Yama may be one of three brothers. Nothing too direct, but something like how it was mentioned that he had brothers, or how there were three giant model teeth, "Three Fangs" (TN: LINE YOUR TRANSLATIONS SUCK)... Anyway, we have the youngest of the three show up. Now the tables are turning, and this is the moment when I get excited. I think "I hope the reaction is good", "I hope it's well received", something like that. I guess this is something you need a sense of adventure for too. The job of an author is not only taxing on the body, but also on the mind, I would say. I hope you look forward to how things will turn out down the line. ^^


A while back I finally watched the last Avengers movie, which I had been postponing because I was busy​ (There's gonna be more marvel I know, but this is the last Avengers film, right?) To see a (sic) franchise that started when I was still in university end after my 30s... This was an ending that wasn't only achieved by the movie itself but the history attached to it. When I saw this movie that was able to successfully maintain this long flow till the end, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of respect and awe. Although nothing to compared to these world class movies, but I have been drawing Tower of God for a long time now, so I hope to continue making Tower of God joyfully with you guys.


That got long. I just wanted to say please be with Tower of God onward too haha. Recently my wrists have been hurting again, so I hope it gets better soon. Since my style of work is one that requires heavy use of hands, so I'm thinking that it can't be helped too. Since I'm getting older, I think sometimes "what if your body doesn't wear down and doesn't age, how great would that be". But when I think about what if I enter the Tower and become a Ranker... I would probably die before getting there..;;


Check in next week for the fate of Khun and the Paul that made his surprise enterence, and please have a happy, joyful, and healthy week.

See you next week!

Thank you!




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