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Afterword season 3 episode 9

Hi I'm SIU

It's season 3 episode 9

Afterword picture for this episode is Akryung who returned out of nowhere

To be honest, Akryung was going to appear somewhen after season 1-

but it didn't have a specific time

But when season 3 started, I thought it would be nice time for him to return

so he rejoined the plot

In this episode, Baam is giving bold suggestion to Yama to have a game

tower of god...well currently has many genres mixed up

but overall, I focus on having plot going and having game going too

I think that's the difference between other fantasies or shonen comics

And the tower itself is revolving around games and tests all the time

When characters in tower has conflicts

I think it's natural to have some kind of game like this

well...I don't think Yama and Baam's game isn't well balanced ^^;;

I think it'd be nice if you expect how the game is going to happen

Ken Zon or Yama's followers's concepts are

'group that likes to fight and flex how strong they are'

like that

At first I wanted a pro-wrestler kind of ^^;; characters

But I thought it could be overwhelming and look like too focusing on concepts

so I toned them down and made it look like a followers who exercises a lot. haha

Either because of race, or their ability to fight..they are used to "fight'

since it's just a little specific group without outsiders, there are not a lot of talented people

It is amazing that there are a lot of rankers from a small specific group

At last, Baam is fighting Akryung

And it's been a while, hehe, since Khun met the traitors from his former team

It'd be nice

to see how the next story will go, what Khun's reaction would be.

The weather is getting warmer 

I don't know if it's from the warm breeze but I've been having more thoughts about things

Since I'm pretty sensitive, some things in life is too complicated and hard to understand

I think it is required to think a bit simpler and take it in slowly

I hope you readers, have everything going nice and happy

There's nothing that comes out of thinking so complicated

Then I hope you enjoyed this week's episode

and I will prepare hard and come back next week!

Have happy, and healthy week


See you next week^^

P.S. I ate three watermelons in two weeks

In this state, I think I'm addicted...



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