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Afterword season 3 episode 9

Hi there, this is SIU. This is Season 3 Chapter 9. This week's afterword picture is Akryung who had made a surprise return. It was determined that Akryung would return at some point after season 1after a while, but I hadn't chosen an exact time. But when Season 3 started, I thought now would be a good timing, good for down the line, so Akryung joined in the main story.

​This chapter we have Baam making a bold proposal of a game to Yama. Tower of God has a lot of genres mixed in, but overall, it revolves around continueing the narrative as we go through various games. I think it's the think that keeps things different from other fantasy or shonen manga/manhwa (TL: No Game No Life begs to differ..?), and the Tower itself revolves around tests and games constantly, so it may be a fact of life to have these sorts of games or bets. Well, Baam and Yama's game seems rather unbalanced ^^;; Please look forward to how this gets resolved.

On Ken Zon and Yama's underlings, the concept was "A group who enjoyed fighting and showing off their strength", so At first I was going to make them feel like pro wrestlers ^^;; but I thought that'd be overboard and too cliche, so I toned it down a little and just made them minions who work out a lot hehe. Whether it be race, or just their ability scores, they are specialized for "fighting", but since they are a select group without any outsiders coming in, their talant pool is small. To have an exclusive faction with this many rankers is actually an incredible thing.

Lastly, we have Baam against Akryung. And Khun, who met allies that betrayed him for the first time in a while hehe. On how the story will continue, on how Khun will react, please look forward to what comes next ^^.

​These days the weather is becoming a lot warmer, and whether it be the warming air or something else, I've been having a lot of thoughts about this or that, doing a lot of hard thinking. Since I am a pretty sensitive person, sometimes a lot of things can be very complicated and hard to understand. Sometimes, you just need to simplify and take it in slowly. I hope sincerely that all things bring you happyness and joy. Even if you over think it, there's not much more to it.

Then, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, and I'll work harder to comeback with another chapter next week! Have a happy and healthy week.

​Thank you!

See you next week ^^



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