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Afterword pic for season 3 episode 8

Hi I'm SIU

I decided to make the picture for afterword for this episode Baam and Yama having a match, just like in the episode.

They have a lot of height difference, and in Korean standard, Baam isn't short

But Yama is enormous. Within the setting, Yama has height over 2m 70cm..

But if I draw him that huge, then it's a bit awkward and he can't have eye contect with other characters

I'm drawing him in different sizes in every single panel on episodes.

Well setting is just setting. I personally consider presentment over setting.

This episode, the reason why Baam wants to fight Yama..

and chat between Baam and Khun came out.

Right now, Baam is associated in FUG for revenge for Ha Jing Sung

But to make Baam choose the most hatred group in tower would be FUG(...)

Anyways, FUG is not some kind of love-hate group but just hated group to Baam haha

Since he have to help each other without wanting to

Baam is trying to keep his belief firm

Previously, when Urek told Baam 'don't change'

it defines Urek's personality in many ways

Though he met many people in tower and had many experience

but he still wants to get out of tower-

he is one of the only character who has same goal since he came to tower

well..maybe because he was already strong since he came into tower in first place hahaha

I tried making Baam and Yama's conversation tight

Yama is a human but more like a animal in wild

His not someone who is raised by people

but raised up freely out in the field

I hope what Baam said was critical

I don't know for sure if what Baam said in this episode helps rescueing Ha Jin Sung

but I hope Baam goes with his ways and going forward with it

I think it's going to be more fun that way anyways

It's not summer yet but watermelon is out in supermarkets

I like watermelon the best out of all the fruits(I like watermelon juice too)

I go through whole summer depending on watermelon

watermelon salad, watermelon juice, iced watermelon, cut watermelon, shoveled watermelon, watermelon watermelon

I personally had a lot of bad things happening

and when I have those things

I'm tempted to eat sweet things

So I’m getting fatter these days(...)

I should work good as much as I ate...I don't know if I’m working good

but I'll try my best and keep up the work

Anyways, the weather got a bit cooler after raining

beaware of cold and take care of health

eat a lot of summer foods too

Then, hope you would be excited for next episode

have happy and fun week

and see you next week

Thank you!!



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