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Season 3 Episode 7 afterwords

I decided to make the picture for this episode Yama saying that he is going to blow up warship.

High rankers can easily blow up warships..

But considering about whoever is in there(Karaka, Madoraco etc.)

It would be hard if it's not high ranker like Yama.

This week is continued with Deng Deng escaping.

Battle with Mad dog was easily over with Bam winnning

To be honest, a regular like Varagarv could be considered as one of the strongest  c-rank regular,

But I think Bam became too strong to have battle with Varagarv.

New technique for Baam came out

It's not like he learned new piercing technique, but more like he used piercing technique in state of -zero-

It destroys less compared to butterfly piercing technique.. but it's more of building basis

Previously, Baam was stuffing himself with strong technique,

Currently, he is making basis strong but really fast.

A new character from Ha Family that appeared today,

since he was able to become one of the rankers but he rejected

so it's hard to consider him as regular.

If I had to explain, it would be like someone who took SAT and got into harvard and graduated and he took test for professor and passed but rejecting the oppotunity

He's that kind of person

He took many test to get job but end up not having any job and rejecting oppotunities

though he has enough ability (gasps for breath)

I don't know why he is living like that, 

though he is much weak compared to teachers that Baam had before,(such as Yu Hansung, Ha Jinsung, Guardian, Data Eduan, Evankhell)

I think Evankhell had her reason to introduce Baam to that person

Probably because she thought that Baam could learn a lot since he trained until he was almost dead..

The scene where Baam and Khun meets..

I was thinking about how happy should both of them be.

Of course, Bam and Khun are both excited, but since they already called each other and already talked to each other

And there are a lot of important topics after

and with Khun's personality, he won't miss those and bring them up,

And to Khun, he didn't like FUG that n=much but with Baam working with them

I think it would have been hard for him to show that much happiness

It could be useless though, but I thought about it when I was editing..haha

What Khun talked about Baam's hair could be similar to that

After writing this, I was thinking why I thought about it so much,

but a lot of people read this webtoon

and I'm trying my best to make everyone happy while reading this,

I still find things that are not enough even when I take care of it

I think I need to try harder

This week, Baam suddenly says that he might want to fight with Yama

Did Baam really became fighter after getting trained by Evankhell

(It's a miss that Baam would actually hand Deng Deng in without doing anything)

I hope to see you expecting what would happen next week

I thought weather was becoming warmer these days

but since it was raining, I think it's still cold at night

I think there are temperature difference so becareful that you don't get cold

Then, have a happy and healthy week

I will come back next week with warlike(?) Baam

Thank you!

See you next week



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