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Afterword season 3 episode 6

The image for this week's afterwords is the Mad Dog and Baam.. Baam not only increased in hairlength, but also in his bluffing hehe. Actually, in the Workshop Battles they were briefly set up as rivals. Putting them together like this for the first time in a while reminds of the old days, pretty fun haha.

This week continues the Dang Dang rescue arc. Since this is something we need to complete before we get into Yama's story, I struggled. How the story should progress. Directing the layout for the big main battle, obviously, but the story that sets it up is not an easy thing to come up with. Nothing's easy hehehehe I guess that's why I still have a hard time when I'm making the manuscript hehe.

Anyway, this rescue I wanted it to be big and bold, so the Mad Dog fight got a bit of weight and everything else got skipped, it seems like. I hope you guys are able to enjoy it.

Baam's new skills, since these are being cast without the Thorn, may look like they're on a weaker scale, but unlike the previous training, this isn't an additive power up, but more so a skill/physical development of Baam's capacity of himself. If he used the Thorn here or used the Revolution to bring out his inner powers.. it'd be stronger, but I want to show Baam's improved basic skills and techniques for a while. I hope you look forward to the Mad Dog fight next week.

It's been two months since I'm back. In reflection, there are somethings I felt I fell short on, and I regret that I've let down all the hype you, my beloved reader had. But if you guys could tell me constructively how to improve on the points I'm lacking on and continue to cheer me on when it's fun, it would be great to continue working together, week by week ^

The weather these days is quite nice. I think it's the weather, but a lot of good music's coming out, and it's perfect season to lay down and read some webtoons.. Of course, there's nothing better during spring time than pursuing relationships... but there's nothing harder then that either hehe. Webtoons are beneficial to mankind in that they are accessible easily via touch.

Well then, my beloved readers, I hope you all have a relaxing and healthful week!

Stay happy, ad I will come back with a bluff-full Baam next week.

Thank you! ^



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