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Afterword season 3 episode 6

PIcture for this episode's afterword is mad dog and Baam..

Baam's hair got longer as well as his flexing.. haha

To be honest, they were presented as rivals for a bit in workshop battle.

Putting them together after a while makes me think of the old times and it's quite fun haha.

This week's episode is still rescueing Deng Deng 

Since we have to go through this before Yama's episode

I personally had a lot of worries. About how to have Deng Deng's episode.

Main battle scenes aren't easy and makes me think a lot,

But way leading into battle scenes are quite hard too.

Come to think about it, there's nothing easy..I think that's why I have trouble making drafts

Anyways, I wanted to make the rescue quick and dynamic

I wanted to make battle for mad dog a bit specific but not the others

I hope this is still good for you readers

New skills that Baam is using might look weaker than previous episodes since he's not using thorn,

different from training before like how he added in strength or other things from outside,

physically or with skills, Baam improved quickly within himself.

If he uses thron or take out inner strength using revolution...he would be stronger

but I would like show more of his improved basics and skills and go on.

I think it's good to look forward for battle with mad dog next week

It's already been two months since hiatus

If I think about it right now, I had many things to imrpove on

and I kind of regret thinking about did I fill in reader's expectaions

For the things that I could imrpove on, I hope you can tell me nicely about how to fix and support me

and go on every week like that ^^

Weather is really nice these days

Maybe because of weather, I think a lot of good musics are coming up

And I think it's also a good weather to lie down and read webtoons

Romance is one of the best things in springs..but there aren't anything hard as that haha

webtoon is a really useful 'something' that you can look with on touch

Then next week, I hope all the readers

have healthy and free week!

Have a happy week

and I will come back with Baam flexing

Thank you ^^



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