30F - Closure (2): Beta attempts to continue attacking Viole, using his Phobos ignition, but Khun simply blocks with a Lighthouse field.

Khun tells the rogue living Ignition Weapon to stop, while Viole notes that Beta is already at his limit and that continuing to fight would not end well for either of them.  Beta, not persuaded by this decides to continue attacking, determined to make Viole's life as miserable as his.

In his last attempt Beta realises too late that the Thorn is beginning to activate, and Phobos is destroyed again by Viole. Beta realizes that Viole is too powerful and, that even if he was at his best, he would have no hope if Viole ignited. Beta sarcastically congratulates Viole for everything he has, beginning another of his rants about how Viole has no right to what Beta never could have. Viole however, counters with "they are mine", before going on to explain how he had lived in darkness, how all his friends and happiness had had to be earned and, how now, they were precious to him.

Sophia, much to Beta's surprise, then reveals that his experiments were conducted separately from those used to turn Viole into an Ignition Weapon and that she used leftover information from another experiment to make normal people into perfect Ignition Weapons. As Beta begins to suspect that he may have been deceived by Emile, the guards from the Workshop surround everyone and prepare to kill Beta, but are taken down by the timely intervention of Quaetro, AkraptorRak, Leesoo and Hatsu. Khun asked if they were disqualified, while Leesoo explains that there was a system error and they were not disqualified.

Sophia appears to be targeted by one of the Workshop Guards, which turns out to be Lero-Ro, who says he should not have fought yet, but he is there to help his old students.

Meanwhile, as Ron Mei whines to Varagarv about FUG's apparent failure, she receives a call from Reflejo ordering them to prepare for battle, as he has found the bait.

Reflejo and Cassano have captured Novick, Hwa Ryun and Horyang.



Blog Post

I was late again T_T T_T
It looks like I'm more used to posting at this time now...;;;

To be honest, this chapter had many complications.
Occasionally during work, there comes along a chapter that makes me ask,
what did I draw in this chapter again?
And this chapter was like that(...)

For the relationship between Beta and Viole,
I was actually more into Beta's emotions.^^;;
Strangely, I have the tendency to get into the character of the antagonist rather than the main character...
this really messes with me during planning.
The main character must win, but the antagonist has a point!
is what I hear;;;

In truth, Viole is right.
There's nothing Beta can get out of hurting Viole,
and even though Viole appears soft, he is, unexpectedly,
quite the stubborn character, haha.
So I think his words would have been quite painful to Beta.

It feels like winter is also nearing its end.
Also, the Workshop Battle will also conclude this portion,
and begin a new portion.
Some of you seem to have been misled by Reflejo's words at the end,
but the overall story of Tower of God has quite a way to go.

Please stay healthy for this week,
and see you next week, haha.


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