30F - The Summoning (1): This is the ninety-first chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the fight against Beta, with Beta telling Viole's friends about his desire to make Viole suffers the same way that he felt, as well as Viole's determination to go back to his old friends.


The chapter starts off with Rak and Yeon facing Beta. Io wonders why Beta hasn't been dealt with yet by the researchers of the Acorn Workshop. On Archimedes, Sophia is staring worriedly at Beta.

Beta scorns at their plan of summoning Viole and reveals that Viole is in a room filled with despair and darkness, and that it is impossible to summon anyone from that room. He then prepares to attack Rak with a shinsu wave. Leesoo recognizes the danger and tells Rak to compress himself. Rak follows Leesoo's advice and manages to barely dodge the shinsu wave. He then de-compresses, and throws his spear at Beta. Beta easily stops the spear and kicks it back to Rak, while telling him that countless people were sacrificed just to bring Viole into "this world". Rak reclaims his spear by catching it.

Beta then reveals his bitterness towards Viole, saying that he will kill all who are precious to Viole and make him listen to their screams before they die. Beta's intent is to make Viole feel the same way that he felt and transform him into the perfect weapon in the process. Yeon than shows up behind Beta and states that he is an extremely despicable person, who tries to inflict his own pain upon others. She then shoots a huge firebolt at him.

When the smoke clears, Beta emerges unharmed, protected by a shield made out of green tentacles. He decides to kill Yeon first and, just as his left eye begins to turn red, Devil Bon informs him that Viole has escaped from his prison, along with the Thorn. Beta then grows a set of wings. Leesoo realizes that he is going to attempt to interfere with the summoning and tells Rak to stop him, but he is too late. Beta takes off with incredible speed leaving Rak, Yeon, and Vespa in shock. Beta is bewildered by Devil Bon's words and rushes away as fast as he can.

Meanwhile, Viole is reunited with Novick and Horyang. When asked how he got there, Novick replies that he was led there by Yuto. He then notices the wrapped up object behind Viole and inquires as to what it is. Viole replies that it is the Thorn, or so he thinks. Hwa Ryun then appears and confirms that it is indeed the Thorn and that the reason it is in such a sorry state is because it is still in it's "bowl", and that nobody has seen it's true form, and by extension, it's true power.

Viole is befuddled and wonders why Hwa Ryun is present. She then explains to him that she was pretending to be Yuto in order to fulfill her mission and that her voice was changed by the helmet. She also reveals that she took a dangerous gamble by attempting to help him, but it has paid off. She states that now Viole is truly worthy of becoming her "God".

Viole then begins to walk away, repeating that he has no intention of becoming anybody's god. Hwa Ryun, however, manages to stop him by saying that she will reunite Viole with his friends, who have already been informed of his freedom. A scene is then shown, with Ja Wangnan looking at the summoning area, which is directly ahead of him. Meanwhile, Viole wonders aloud why Hwa Ryun would go so far to help him. She replies that it was the "condition" given to her. She tells him that she will explain the condition later.

Meanwhile, we see Varagarv moving towards Viole's location, followed by what appears to be hounds made out of shadows, and Beta rushing towards to summoning area. Hwa Ryun warns Viole that he will face enemies far stronger than those he has faced before and that if he chooses to return, the lives of his friend will be put in danger. Viole replies that he will not back away, as the place he belongs is alongside his friends. The chapter ends with Viole staring determinedly at Hwa Ryun while stating that he will return to his friends, no matter what.



Naver Endnote

Nevertheless, go straight.

Blog Post

Due to the content of last chapter and next chapter,
it feels like this chapter became a little half-half.

I thought a lot about how I should split it up,
but it seemed that there was no particular solution,
so eventually, it sort of ended up being halfway in length.
It's not like I can just forcefully increase the length either ^^

When you keep drawing a manhwa like this,
things like this happen once in a while.

Because I consider shifts in Viole's mind and emotions to be important,
I want to continue to deal with growth in the psychological side.

Starting next chapter, there will be many battle scenes,
and the plot progression will relatively speedy.
So I hope you look forward to this.

Thank you ^^




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