30F - Thorn (4): While Rak appears behind the dumbfounded Macha in his original size, Koon urges Wangnan to carry on towards the Summoning Area.

Devil Bon, revealed as the third gambler of FUG, hands over the jar containing his team's Vanguard "Medina" to Beta, explaining that after swallowing it, Beta would be able to participate in the Tournament without breaking rules; Medina is a parasite dwelling in its host's brain, yet is a Regular with its own will. Beta swallows the parasite without a second thought, even after being warned that this action may result in the loss of his free will, remarking that he would not be controlled by such thing after all the Workshop's put him through.

The battle resumes after Macha realises that Rak's a creature who was granted a compression license (permission to change one's size due to special circumstances), with both him and Paul teaming up against the 'Big Gator'. Noticing that he won't be able to take them both at the same time, Rak asks for the confused Yihwa's assistance, whose flames have been made redundant by Paul's ability.

As Paul tries to consume her flames, Rak grabs him by the throat thus disabling his ability and watching him burn in the furnace of Yihwa's flames. The duo then quickly overpower a fear-induced paralysed Macha courtesy of Rak's intimidating gaze.

After responding to the crowd, chanting his alias 'Red Hawk', with his trademark battlecry "I AM RAK WRAITHRAISER!" adding that he's there to find the Black Turtle, Beta finally appears to make good on his promise to Viole, asking Rak whether he's his friend.

On the northern side of Tournament isle, Yuto, Novick and Horyang enter an abandoned Summoning Area.



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