30F - Thorn (1): This is the eighty-fifth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows Leesoo realizing that Baam and Khun are still alive as well as Beta stating his desire to kill Viole's friends.


The brown-haired man with glasses, dressed in a white suit, makes yet another appearance, wondering how Viole will handle the real 'Thorn'.

Meanwhile, Vespa's gloating is interrupted by the appearance of the injured Hatsu, shocking Leesoo by revealing that Viole is Baam and claiming that he must save him and stop the creation of the 'Weapon'.

The story shifts to the confused Team Tangsooyook, whose members are making their way to the Waiting area. Inside, Khun, while trying to make sense of all these events, is visited by Miya, the snake woman, who reveals a part of FUG's scheme, just to confuse him even more. While brooding over her words, Leesoo enters the lounge, demanding answers.

On the northern side of the arena, preparing to enter the Workshop's facility, Yuto tells Novick and Horyang about FUG's plans.

Somewhere on the mountain range, the reminiscing Beta is approached by Cassano, who let him out of his jail, promising to inflict the same pain upon Viole he had to endure, in return for his help.



Naver Endnote

The war begins now.

Blog Post

I’m a quite a bit late. T^T
Next week, I’ll try harder to post earlier.

These days, I get dizzy when looking at the monitor or smartphone screen.
Besides when I’m working, I tend not to look at the monitor.
I used to be proud about being quite durable but these days I’m broken...
Haha I’ve been replacing the script planning and sketching after deadlines with manual work.
Still, I’ve been talking walks more often these days, and feel like I’m getting better.
Of course, I will have to work very hard to keep drawing chapters
during the last round of military reserve training
which is coming up soon Hehe.

This chapter was originally planned to have a lot of battle scene in the beginning...
but I eventually replaced it with Vespa-chan’s explanation...
I have regrets because I feel that as I reduce the length of chapters
and only include what is necessary,
many of you may not get the fun parts that you wanted to see.
You could call them parts that would be okay to include
in a long-running manhwa like this...
well, honestly Boondawan is not that important of a character.
Of course, his earlier battle scene was indeed a foreshadowing Haha.

The scholastic aptitude test is coming up soon.
I’m not sure if I’ll able to draw an exam gift for you this time as well,
but to all those of you taking the test, I will wish for you success.
Good luck and fight on ^^




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