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30F - Battle x Gamble (7): This is the seventy-fifth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the "plug" game, where the battle between Ran and Anak is heating up.


The restless Sophia Amae is ceaselessly searching the Acorn Workshop for Beta, who's abandoned his messy dark room full of skewered teddy bears, or 'cage' as she referred to it in the message she sends to Cassano, who's currently watching the last round of the individual matches.

The battle between Ran and Anak continues with increasing amounts of collateral damage. Throughout their battle, it becomes clear that Ran, who's dodging all of Anak's attacks and countering them with ease, has the upper hand. The irritated Anak, after getting kicked into the stadium's wall, asks Ran how he became so powerful. Ran explains that by swallowing 'Redan', a baang containing highly concentrated electrical shinsu properties, he can drastically boost his power for a limited amount of time - 5 minutes. This causes the spot called 'Soo Heun' to appear on his face, which varies from user to user depending on the Redan's effectiveness, and also after the effect of the Redan diminishes, the user's body suffers temporary paralysis.

When she smirks at Ran, who's just revealed his weakness, he simply responds by saying that 5 minutes is more than enough to beat her. This taunt makes Anak completely snap, and by exploiting her greatest weakness - her pride - Ran manages to create an opening and pierces the falling Anak with his lightning sword technique.

"I guess this battle went how I expected to", are Khun's final thoughts, while his betting screen shows that he bet all-in on Ran's victory.



Naver Endnote

First of all, the moderators should give a written apology.[1]

Blog Post

They say kids grow up as they fight.
But if they fight like that...

The reason why Ran smiled when Anak used shinsu is that
physical reinforcement become drastically weaker the moment you form a baang.
Performing other physical reinforcement and
baang management is harder than you think ^^;
I actually sent in an edited version that included an explanation about that,
but it wasn't changed.
I'm not sure if it was omitted in between or if it was just my mistake.
I didn't include an explanation at first
because I thought that'd kill the speed of the fighting scene.
I think I need to think about it a little more before I decide
whether it needs to be fixed or not haha.

Although Anak does have a higher baang count than Ran,
you could say that Ran has the upper hand in terms of efficiency.
By the same logic,
it cannot be said that Anak is a better Wave Controller than the Laure of Part 1 ^^
(Out of all Regulars seen so far,
Laure has the best shinsu management abilities)

Soon, the individual matches will end and a new story will begin to unfold.
Then please look forward to next week ^^
It's really hot, so please stay healthy.
Thank you!




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