30F - Battle x Gamble (6): This is the seventy-fourth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the "plug" game, with Ran and Anak's fight being the next big event, that the betters are going all-in on.


The story picks up, where it ended in the previous chapter. The participants for the last round are announced along with the new rule about all-inning with a 300k bonus.

Considering all odds, both Khun and Leesoo come to the conclusion, that the match between Anak and Ran won't end with both of them passing, so it's a 50:50 betting chance. While Khun's decision is unknown, Leesoo decides to put his faith into Anak and all-ins the rest of the money on her.

In a dark corridor, the silhouette of a man with glowing green eyes says to himself: "Finally, is it my turn to shine?". As the scene skips to the arena he's revealed to be Parakewl. His sudden appearance makes both Khun and Leesoo uneasy, as the latter starts to wonder if Rak is somewhere close by as well. As usual, he taunts everyone at first, but as the match begins, he's the first to run for his life.

While chaos breaks out everywhere, the participants in the group with Ran and Anak still haven't moved an inch. While both parties are just glaring at each other, Wangnan asks Chang, who he thinks will win that match. Chang vaguely replies that while Anak is stronger in the terms of raw power, Ran's techniques may yet give him the edge he needs in this kind of battle.

After a while, Ran asks Io to change the rules. On demand of both the other participants and the 'audience', Madoraco tells him via his communicator to comply. Thus the rules for the final match become:

  • a one on one battle between Ran and Anak with only possible one victor
  • the 6 remaining participants can compete for the 2 remaining plug slots.

After both sides agree on the new rules, Anak mocks Ran for his overconfidence asking if he'll be using some tricks like last time. After telling her that this time he'll be going all-out, Ran starts chewing Redan, a lightning pill. Before Ran manages to swallow the pill, Anak starts with a premature attack, sending him flying, which instantly puts her on top of Ran's bothersome list. Standing up fully charged, with electric currents spiking his hair and a spot appearing under his right eye, Ran tells Anak that she'll regret making this opportunity for him to fight with full force. He immediately discharges a powerful wave of lightning, creating a fissure by ripping a piece of the arena away. Anak dodges the attack by jumping in the air but is hit from behind by an even more powerful attack.

In the meantime in Viole's room, the stranger sitting on his bed introduces himself as Beta, who says he's the same as him, a living weapon.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

If you spike your hair up, you get stronger.
Not sure why, but everyone says that.
Although in Ran's case, it's electricity flowing through his body that made it stand up haha.

This Ran-Anak will be a little different from the fights between Regulars so far.
They were different from each the other at birth;;
It's difficult to draw, as well.
Let's take it easy, guys...

After this battle, the individual matches will be wrapped up,
and hidden stories will unravel one by one.

Then please look forward to it,
and I hope to see you next week.
Thank you~!




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