30F - Archimedes (2): This is the sixty-seventh chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the Regulars of Khun's Team and Team Tangsooyook as they relax and get closer to each other, while Hatsu is looking for a new sword.


Khun asks Rak, how he found out that he was alive. Rak answers by saying that before the Hand of Arlen incident, a red turtle told Rak everything. After considering this, Khun asks Wangnan to leave. Wangnan does so and tells the rest of the team about Rak. Quaetro and Chang are also there at the table sharing food with the team. Suddenly, Khun is punched out through the door as Rak is walking towards him, calling him pathetic for running away in the middle of the night. Rak wants to get back Baam immediately, but Khun insists that they can't, due to FUG and Zahard. Rak just yells back that Khun is too afraid of losing everything, and not doing anything he wants to do. After a short moment of silence, Khun walks away. Dan and Yihwa are trying to restrain Rak, but it only results in Rak being set on fire.

Wangnan walks outside to join Khun, who denies any friendship with Rak. Wangnan remarks, that Khun is different from him and that if Wangnan had a friend, he would want to climb the Tower with that friend; but, Khun tries to put the burden of all his friends on himself instead. Khun admits that, saying that ever since he was a kid, if there was a jewel he liked, he would hide it so he wouldn't lose it instead of enjoying the feeling of wearing it the whole time. Inside, Yihwa offers Rak some jelly, which Rak furiously stomps on, because it's blue (like Khun's hair), which results in their quarters being blown up by the angry Yihwa. Afterwards, Dan tells Rak that he heard about him from Ran. Dan reveals that Ran used to be in the same branch, and observed Khun for a long time. Khun's mother thirsted for power, and Khun grew up into the middle of political warfare. From the outside, Khun seemed fine, but internally he felt frustrated at everything. So, he ruined his whole family himself and dashed inside the Tower. Afterwards, he met Rak and everyone else, and Khun was truly happy with them. 

The mood is being ruined by Yihwa and Quaetro wanting to take a picture of Rak. Rak promptly runs away and goes to see Khun. He doesn't apologize, instead he just says that he was happy when he realized Khun and Baam were alive; but Khun was different, worried, without doing anything about it. Rak repeats that all he wanted was to be happy with Khun and Baam. With that, Khun is resolved to thoroughly defeat FUG and get Baam back. 

On the third floor, Hatsu is walking around holding Emile and looking for a new weapon, despite the sentimental value his old one held. He ends up at a place called the Acorn Shop, not noticing Cassano and Horyang walking behind him.



Naver Endnote

Please give me a sword that can cut the Devil!

Blog Post

So Rak and Khun finally met.
Although it's not a huge shift in terms of storyline,
its indeed a chapter with important changes in the emotions,
so I spared some length.
Then again, I'm not sure if I distribute it across the chapter well, haha.
It's very difficult to draw slides with only talking.
Difficult to draw on the entertainment side, too.<br /
Because I tend to fit the story of Tower of God to the frame of a sonyun manhwa,
I sometimes worry when I draw parts like this,
and think things like "I do want to draw it, but will it be okay?" as well.
However, I actually haven't decided on one genre to draw according to,
so I plan to try everything I want to try the way I want.
Who cares

There's a limit on Neighbour Reveals as well

P.S. - 1
Although I revealed information about FUG Slayers,
I still left it only revealed to Neighbours.
Although there's a lot of talk about Neighbour Reveals,
what I worry about the most is that readers who don't want to see it may see it when I reveal it to the public.
Because the information on Neighbours are spoilers to some degree,
I think that if readers came onto the blog and accidentally read such information,
it might not be the most pleasant thing.
For this reason, I've left it only revealed to Neighbour request,
but because I only recently learned that Naver blogs have a limit on the number of Neighbours you can have,
I'm in a difficult situation now.
So I'm not stopping people from taking the information on Neighbours
so that people who want to see the information will be able to search it up
(although it's difficult to completely allow it due to copyright matters,
I'm not stopping you).
On top of that, in spite of all this,
the reason that I brought up the idea of making the post public
is because I've become too stressed about this matter.
Each day, I received several pages of hate mails and notes,
and bad opinions about the problem started to arise all over the place.
(Someone even said that I only accepted requests from people I was close with)
Of course, it's also my fault that things ended up this way π π,
so I'm not saying that I'm falsely accused.
In conclusion, I do not want this info to become public.
This is not because I don't want to show you the information,
but rather to only reveal it to those who want to see it.
I don't want all of my readers to read my manhwa thinking,
'based on the given information on the blog'.
As expected, the best way would be to run a separate blog for this background information,
but I really don't have that time π π
I think it'd be best to receive someone's help.
I'll try to solve it as soon as possible, so until then,
I'll appreciate it if you found the information by just using wiki or searching it up.

P.S. - 2
It seems the mobile version was uploaded in an uncorrected state;;
The PC version is correct.
I'll send the message for it to be fixed tomorrow

I've decided to put it on a separate background section on the fan cafe.
For now, I've decided that rather than revealing it publically,
it'd be best to put it on a separate space because that would be clean and less burdensome for me,
so I've discussed it with the cafe staff and decided to put it on the cafe.
From now on, you can check the revealed information at the fan cafe.
To the cafe staff who are helping me out in this busy time,
I give my thanks ^^




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