30F - One Shot, One Opportunity (7): Jyu Viole Grace appears in front of Leesoo's team, revealing himself to everyone. He takes Yuto to the side and rips off a piece of her robe to cover his face. Viole tries to persuade Leesoo to leave, but is told that their sole purpose for coming was to capture him.   From underground, an octopus sent by Verdi comes up and spits out a ring called Reina which wraps itself around Viole's finger and prevents him from accessing the use of shinsoo. Amigochaz then comes out from underground and engages with Viole in a close range battle, while Vespa works together to corner him.

They predict his ploy to snatch Amigochaz's gun, and Amigochaz throws him into Vespa's path. Viole would have been struck but Yuto throws herself in the way of Vespa's needle, taking the poisoned blow instead. Knowing that he can't hold back, Viole uses his Thorn to slam Amigochaz into the ground, rendering him unconscious in one blow.



Blog Post

Honey is sorry.

Viole is fighting well alone against many enemies.
Story-wise, it's inevitable but the plot has been quite frustrating^^;;
So I reduced the psychological presentation and emphasized the action side.
When drawing scenes like this, the artist works with feelings similar those of readers,
so the drawing is actually more difficult haha.

The length may seem shorter because there's so many battle scenes,
but the length is actually not that short.

The technique "Reina", used by Verdi in this chapter,
comes with a myriad of limits.
Viole only fell to it because Leesoo's team went all-in on this plan.

Also, this item has no effect on Regulars above a certain level,
and has no effect on Rankers at all.
(As I mentioned before, Items have level requirements.)

Now there's a bit of this game left,
and the plot progression is about to get a move on as well,
so please look forward to it and see you next week!


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