29F - Bet (1): As Team Tangsooyook stands outside the the Hand of Arlen, inside the escape capsule Novick and Ran wonder if Koon was alive. They ask Xia Xia why they did such a thing, and she responded that it was to instil fear and wonder into the masses. Ran thinks it's amusing that they would talk about something like that when they would be killed by him. The two of them get ready to fight Xia Xia and Cassano, but Viole comes in between them and uses Novick's technique Crimson Soul Fist to blow them apart. First, he calms down Ran and Novick by using a Lighthouse to tell them that he does not wish to fight Koon's teammates. He then tells Xia Xia that he would co-operate with them on the condition that Novick and Ran joins their team for the Workshop Battles. She is hesitant at first but Viole states that it is an order. He secretly sends a message on Ran's Pocket telling him that Koon is probably alive. Shrugging, Ran agrees to become part of Viole's team for the Workshop Battles.

Outside, Team Tangsooyook is getting readings from Viole's Pocket underground, and Wangnan uses on his Shinsoo Bombs to blow up the surrounding area. They find Koon unconscious underneath the rubble with Viole's Pocket next to him.



Blog Post

If you look in the previous chapter, you can see Viole's Pocket flying off.
Although Lighthouses can be used as Pockets in emergencies,
they don't have the same level of simultaneous translation functionalities that Pockets have.
It is more a symbolism problem than a function problem.
A Pocket, in a way, is a kind of 'license' that confirms one's status as a Regular.

Actually, last chapter and this chapter where both due Lunar New Year holidays.
I spread< them out out so I would be avoid taking a break,
so I hope you to understand ^^
I'm thinking that I'll be returning to be the normal chapter length next week.

The Workshop Battle story will properly begin next week,
and within one or two months, all the Regulars will have gathered for the Workshop Battle.
Right now, although I'm painstakingly preparing the games that will be in the Workshop Battle,
I'm actually getting some good ideas,
so even I'm anticipating it ^^

Also, there's a Character Popularity Vote taking place on Fan's Cafe,
so I hope many of you participate.

Now that the seasons are changing,
please be careful not catching a cold.

See you next week