28F - Devil of the Right Arm (8): This is the forty-ninth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows Viole as he is enraged over the apparent death of Horyang, with him attacking Novick and Ran.


Viole arrives on the scene to find Kang Horyang, bloodied and unconscious, with Novick and Ran standing over him. His certainty that these two killed Horyang is confirmed when Xia Xia says that she saw them kill Horyang on her lighthouse.

Viole rushes and attacks Novick with three baangs, and Xia Xia uses her Lighthouse to redirect them, blowing back Ran. Acknowledging the potency of Xia Xia’s Lighthouse, they start to target that. Novick uses boomerang blades and Ran takes the opportunity of the occupation of Viole’s baangs to attack the Lighthouse.

Unfortunately for Ran and Novick, Viole can control 5 baangs, and he easily repels Ran’s attacks. Novick sees that Ran is weakening and can’t pull off another Espada de la Luz. Their only remaining strategy is to have Novick create an opening and defeat Viole with a weaker technique.

Novick rushes towards Viole and uses shinsu to harden his body to take Viole’s attacks without slowing down. He uses Crimson Bell Seal to stop Viole’s movements, and Ran uses Lanza de Relámpago to hit Viole, but Viole uses additional Lighthouses from Xia Xia to defend. He then blasts them away with all five of his baangs. As they lie defeated amidst the rubble, Viole angrily asks why they killed Horyang. Novick finally admits that they didn't kill him and that it was actually Cassano who is hiding in the rubble. Xia Xia continues to lie about seeing them kill Horyang on her Lighthouse and claims that they are only confusing Viole to buy time to recover. Just as she begins to suggest that Viole should kill them, Khun Aguero Agnis appears.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

This is Volume 2, Chapter 49 where Novick's Hayeol Style
has been corrected to Crimson Bell Technique instead of
what was miswritten as Crimson Soul Technique
(tC Note: this is a translation of SIU's words! Not a comment by us.)
Novick's image... is a bit like that. Strong and powerful.

As you found while reading this chapter,
a Light Bearer + Wave Controller makes a very good combo.
If you just control the Lighthouses well, it increases the number and
amount of shinsu, and more than anything, becomes an
opponent without a blind spot.

Khun's name comes from the football
player Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero del Castillo, so the Khun's Family's
hair and colour, as well as mask colour, follows the scheme
of Argentina's flag (blue), with the blue base. And so the Khun's Family's
skills were also set in Spanish, but... because I don't know anyone who
speaks Spanish I ended up working with Google Translator for it (...)

If there's anyone who can speak Spanish well, I would appreciate an email. Hehehe

As a forenote, there isn't much to write-

Though I say it often, this chapter is a bridge to the next chapter,
so instead of expecting everything to be solved in this chapter,
I hope you think of it as the beginning of something.

Thank you-

tC Note: We knew it was "Kun" and not Khun for some time now,
but for consistency's sake, we keep the double O version.
Do you think we should adapt to "Kun"? This also enters a bit of a
slippery slope as we know the actual spelling of many characters.
But there's a fair chance many of you will rage at some of the actual names,
as some of them are borderline offensive to native
English speakers and/or odd to pronounce...



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