28F - Devil of the Right Arm (5): This chapter continues where it left off, with Viole resolving to leave after Horyang. Akraptor urges him to stop, saying that they had no right to interfere with Horyang's choices. Viole refuses, saying that he knows the loneliness Horyang is feeling, and that he doesn't think Horyang left of his own free will. He then leaves on their other vehicle. Akraptor yells at him to stop but he is out of sight in seconds. Wangnan pops out of a nearby bin where he was waiting for Horyang and tells him that the two of them should go after Viole. Prince suddenly comes out of a bin next to Wangnan's and agrees. Akraptor tells them that this is impossible because they don't have another vehicle just as Yihwa emerges from her room (she was awake because she never goes to sleep before Viole does) and says that she can get a vehicle due to her status as a member of the Yeon Family.

Meanwhile, Ran and Novick are fighting Horyang, who is struggling to keep up with their attacks. Cassano then whispers to Horyang via the observer, and leads Horyang to his position, revealing himself to Ran and Novick as they come in. Meanwhile, Koon is regretting taking just the two other teammates, and soon get's a message on his Lighthouse telling him he's been caught in a trap...



Blog Post

I trusted Google Translate, but I'm not sure about how it turned out.
I tried to use the shortest sentence,
so I tested a bunch of things and that's what I got.
Putting the grammar and what-not beside, I hope I successfully delivered the message of "You fell into my trap" correctly.
I asked a friend overseas, and they can easily understand what it means.
A foreigner got it too, so I'm sure it'll be fine...

Actually, as I was drawing this chapter,
I felt that many elements may become ignored or criticized for being pointless because many people focus on 'Baam and Koon's reunion',
but I think I ended up adding far fewer of those than expected.
...but still, the focus of this arc is Horyang and Cassano... T_T
Please give them some attention too.

Anyway, Cassano made his appearance,
and The Devil of the Right Arm arc is entering it's latter half.
As I've been saying for a while now,
this arc is like an opening for the Workshop Battle arc,
(You'll probably see why I've been saying this at the end of this arc)
but I've also prepared things that will bring many changes to the story ^^
So I hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

Thank you-
See you next week~!

Notes & Trivia

  • It's interesting to note that the team decided on wearing Horyang's coat for when they were going to meet Cassano.