28F - Devil of the Right Arm (3): This is the forty-fourth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows Horyang and Khun's team as they try to find Cassano.


After confronting HoryangViole returns to the rest of his team and tells them that Horyang won't be coming back for a while.

In the residential area where Cassano is hiding, Horyang seeks out the information broker Xia Xia to find out where he resides. He is told that Cassano is living in The Hand of Arlen, which used to be a base for renegades but was attacked by the authorities and is now abandoned. He tries to enter, but sets off a trap that makes two stone hand attack him. 

Meanwhile, Khun, Novick and Ran are approaching the hand. Khun deduces from the fact that the picture reveals Cassano's location and the rate at which the picture spread, that it was sent out as an invitation to someone. He then tells the other two that he'll tell them the location of the traps with his Lighthouse so they can destroy them. Novick turns to Ran, only to find that Ran has already moved on and destroyed some traps. Novick starts lecturing Ran about what he should be doing, which annoys him and causes him to lash out. It misses Novick but hits their Lighthouse instead, severing communications with Khun. 

As Ran is destroying the traps, Horyang has just finished destroying the stone hands, remarking how difficult it is without a Light Bearer. His attention is drawn to the clouds of smoke arising from Ran's position and asks who he is. Ran in turn asks if he is the Devil of the Right Arm.



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Blog Post

So Horyang and Ran met.
Actually, I was considering complicating the plot to make it unclear whether they would run into each other or not, but I just decided that it was unnecessary and just went ahead with it.
Because I wanted to focus team Wangnan on a family-like mood from the beginning, you may feel that this has a different feeling from 'teams' seen in the typical sonyun (shōnen) manhwa. Rather than gathering to fight, growing closer to each other after travelling together ...;
On top of that, it's a team with a great variety of age and gender. The reason for Wangnan's team to seem to be 'lacking' is probably that although they feel like a family, they are still hiding their pasts and affiliations from each other.
Compared to that, team Khun is a little different. In a way, they are the standard 'team' you see in Sonyeon manhwa. Haha.
expect that no matter in what way the two teams meet, they'll have good synergy. Haha. Now that I look at it, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Everyone, please enjoy a Merry Christmas with your friends and family ^^




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