28F - Devil of the Right Arm (1): This chapter takes place in the residential area of the 28th Floor. As Prince and Miseng are sleeping in their room the rest of the team is gathered around Horyang who tells them that the man in the photo is Beniamino Cassano, his childhood friend and the Devil of the Right Arm. The team is surprised since they assumed it was Horyang. 

He reveals his past as an abandoned illegitimate child in the middle area, who was taken in for human experimentation in the Workshop, where he was then subjected to drugs. Out of the 99,999 children that were gathered there, Both Horyang and Cassano were the only two survivors. They were initially referred to with numbers, Horyang as No. 21 and Cassano as No. 99. After being subject to the first experiments, they learned to read and speak under the tutelage of Sophia Amae, who also gave them their first non-numeric names; the name that Horyang received was Beniamino Ilmar. 

When they were twelve, they were taken to a secret laboratory and had the 'devil' inserted into them, turning them into living Ignition Weapons. This was exceedingly painful, and caused the both of them to pass out several times. When the process was finished, Cassano received the "devil's" power on his left side, and Horyang received it on his right. This manifested itself in the small symbol that hovers on top of his shoulder all the time. Sophia Amae didn't visit them anymore for unknown reasons, and many years passed in which they grew in confusion and loneliness. One day, Horyang was taken out and being moved somewhere else, when Headon selected him to become a Regular.

Horyang climbed the Tower easily but stopped at the 20th Floor. After a while, he started hearing rumours about Cassano moving up, and he decided to take the tests in order to meet up with him.

After Horyang has told his story and night had fallen, he called Viole outside to tell him that he followed him to see if Viole was a living Ignition Weapon like himself. Horyang gathers his strength in preparation for a seemingly unavoidable fight...



Blog Post

The Devil of the Right Arm arc has begun.
I don't think this arc will be very long.
It leads to the Workshop Battle anyway;;

Horyang's earlier reaction to the lobster and his way of talking
implies that he knows more about it than others...
for those of you who read more carefully, it may have been a predictable storyline, haha.

Ignition Weapons (especially the Thirteen Months) play a big role later on,
so I think I'll explain them to some degree in the Workshop Battle and move on.
Of course, it's a little early for them to make their appearance ^^

Instead of thinking that all Ignition Weapons have souls,
it's probably more accurate to say that they're created using a special kind of Shinsoo.
As for the creation process, that'll come as the story develops... haha.

If the final content of Part I was the portrayal of the Tower's already existing powers
and of how one has no choice but to obey the laws of the Tower,
Part II as a whole is planned to portray becoming independent of those laws and powers,
so I would appreciate it if you read with a focus on that aspect. ^^

I heard it's exam period, so students, please have strength,
and I hope you all get good results.

Thank you~
See you next week~