29F - Connection (2): Team Tangsooyook has reached the 28th Floor and is currently in a Regular examination area (jungle biome). A brown-skinned humanoid with white hair and tail chases Miseng and slashes at her, but it turns out to be a hologram. He continues to chase the real one and ends up in a clearing with three of his other team members. It turns out that they were chasing the enemy as well and got lured there. Goseng, Miseng and Prince then combine their Lighthouses to trap the opposing team in a pressure field. Before they can get out, Yihwa blows them up, causing them all to be disabled. As Team Tangsooyook ties them up, they note that the two strongest ones were headed towards Wangnan. They head over there, just in case Viole isn't able to handle them.

Wangnan is running towards a gold figure when Quaetro Blitz comes and dives into a bush. He curses the fact that he didn't take the bait and chase the others and wonders if he knows that Wangnan has the key. When Quaetro threatens to burn down the forest, Wangnan decides to run for the box while his back is turned. He almost makes it, but the key is taken out of his hand by Chang Blarode. Wangnan tries to buy time by pretending to be Chirpy (one of Quaetro's former pets) yet Quaetro gets mad and attempts to burn Wangnan, but is stopped by Viole. Quaetro starts attacking Viole, using three baangs at once. He asks Viole if this is the first time he's seen this, but Viole responds by making five baangs appear. Viole fires his shinsoo beams, leaving Quaetro lying comically on the ground.



Blog Post

This chapter looks like it doesn't have much plot, right?
Correct. Not much plot.

A few readers told me that after coming into Part II,
the story unravelling quickly and the scale of events getting bigger does make it fun,
but also makes it complicated and difficult to follow,
so you can see this chapter as an attempt to control the rate of plot development.
Thanks to that, it seems to have become a chapter with a traditional pattern and fun.
Two new characters were introduced, so there's a need to get used to them as well haha.
Well... the story will fly in a direction you'd have never expected next week(...)
So I think it's okay to take a rest this week.

Quaetro Blitz, who was introduced in this chapter, is from the same family as Quant (Blitz Family).
Many people misunderstand due to Quant's reputation,
but the Blitz family is famous for producing Hwayeomsa.
The downside is that there are many retards...

You could say that Chang Blarode is an A-Rank Fisherman amongst the correct E-Rank Regulars.
These two characters will have recurring roles.
(Quaetro's gender will be revealed later. Haha)

This arc will be strongly focused around battles between Regulars, so those of you who like Regulars will happily enjoy the read.
Then, please look forward to next week.
I'm gonna go eat some chicken.

Because you have more baangs doesn't necessarily mean you're stronger ^^