Workshop Battle - Prologue: Emile: This chapter is a lead-up to the next few arcs. It is narrated in the first person by Emile. It is shown that she converses with various people and she apparently knows everything. Miseng and Androssi are seen texting her among the other Regulars that converse with her. It jumps to Edin Dan and Ran taking a test and under heavy fire. Edin Dan asks Emile which way to go and she tells him to go right, which he does. When he gets there, the enemies are not there.

In a blue laboratory with a pale person strapped down and a helmet covering her features. It cuts to Emile saying that someday she will become human and experience a beautiful love while conversing with some guy who uses the name Traveller - which he told Emile how he believes that she's human and will come to see her soon. He said that he's so thankful of how Emile help him passed the test and that he loves her. The person strapped down roars furiously that she could not possibly become human. It is implied that Emile associates love with being human, since this is what she asks Androssi and Miseng about.

It ends with a mysterious person entering the chat room and telling Emile that "Twenty-fifth Night is alive".



Blog Post

It's been a while since I wrote an afterword.

Um... I thought about many things as I composed the story this time.
I don't think I should tell you much when you've only seen the prologue,
but in any case, I contemplated many things, and I haven't concluded anything yet. ^^;

Right now, I think I'm going through some 'growing pains' as an artist.
But I think that these pains are proof of the fact that I'm taking my work seriously, so in a way I'm happy as well.

I've become used to social networks by consistently using Me2day and using Twitter here and there,
(although from today on, I think it'll be difficult for me to use them often)
and I tried to integrate my feelings from my social networking experience into my work.
You've probably already noticed that 'chatting' will play an extremely important role in this arc.

I just began, but the rating is so low haha. I'll take it as an encouragement for me to work harder.
But I really like this chapter T_T

Then please enjoy the upcoming story ^^

See you next week~^