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Hello, this is SIU.

The Afterwords are late this week. The main reason it was late was because I fell asleep early hahaha. Since the hiatus notice went up 4 weeks ago by the previews, I'm preparing for the next arc and resting ^^; Actually, the last few weeks I haven't been able to rest due to this and that and the preparations for the next arc, but I'm experiencing for the first time in a while a world without deadlines ^^; More so once next week hits. I feel so free now that the arc is over, but also sad.

I actually had a lot I wanted to say while I was making this arc about this end that a lot, but now that it's over, all I really have to say is "thank you", and "I'll return prepared". This was truly an arc that chugged along quickly, and brought the most amount of changes and events over the span of the few years I uploaded this webtoon.


The Hell Train ​in particular was especially difficult due to personal reasons and had a couple of close calls that could have stopped me from uploading due to business reasons, and there were a lot of illegal activities and otherwise demoralizing activities happening in the webtoon industry. (TN: SIU's talking about Korean pirates, as well as the Femenazi craze a while back, stuff we already know about). It was hard to get a grip on myself and keep posting. Not only that, but the Hell Train arc itself was quite long ^^; But I'm glad that I am able to end the arc and announce the hiatus all in one piece..?


Anyway, the next arc, compared to the previous arcs, will have Baam declare Zahard's Army (Kallavan's in particular) as the enemy more directly, and behave as such. Originally the next arc was also to be part of Season 2, but since everybody thinks next up is season 3 kekeke. So I may just declare it Season 3. Cuz I can do that hahaha.


Anyway, there was a lot to say, a lot of sorrowful things, but I will leave that buried for the next arc, and I will go forward thinking of only the good things. To those of you who are enjoying this long and perhaps boring story, to those who continue to cheer me on, I offer my thanks.

​Thank you.​

​I will rest up a bit more, and come back ready. Since it's not a long time so still lacking, but I hope you guys welcome me back with wide arms when that time comes. I hope you stay healthy and happy until then.



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