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Recently, I've heard that a Drama named skyCastle is popular. I don't have too much time so I don't watch it regularly, but when I saw it briefly during my mealtime, Wow it was fun. If you had a tutor like Evankhell, you'd probably study at least because you don't like dying, right? Well, there are a lot of students who would rather die than study, so maybe not haha. [TN: unintentional suicide joke on my part]


​This chapter was Team Baam's grand escape, but on a personal level, it perhaps can be considered as Baam's turning point, as well a turning point for Yuri's life. Yuri from before may have been doing her own thing but never crossing a certain line. However, she seems to have crossed that certain line in this arc. When I was planning out and expanding on the Tower of God lore, I considered having multiple narrative protagonists, and there was a real chance it could have been like that with Yuri as one of the protagonists. Well, it's Baam as the 1 -person protagonist right now, but there's some chance we'll get Yuri-centered arcs later.


Kallavan is still somewhat obsessed with Baam, haha. Since Kallavan was someone who respected Ha Jinsung, his feelings on Baam, someone who Ha Jinsung wanted to protect with his life, are probably mixed, but as a Corp Commander of Zahard's Army, Irregulars are his biggest enemy, no way around it. ​ Well, technically, Urek would be priority number one if you thought about it like that, but.. he too strong... and doesn't care about Zahard... Regardless, to Kallavan, Baam is a target for removal, but a being who cannot be easily removed, strangely enough.


In order for Baam to face off against Kallavan or the military, it looks like it will be important for him to find allies like Evankhell, and more companions.

Well, could Evankhell, the teacher from the firey depths of hell have Baam as a pupil? Please look forward to a heart(?)warming chapter, sure to warm you up in the cold winter coming next week for Tower of God.


​These days, now that I have a bit more sparetime, I've been reading the comments iiib the afterwords, and considering other methods of communication. I say the same thing every year it seems, but I have a lot I need to do, a lo I want to do, but time and my age keeps following by ^^ ​ ​Many things are changing, but I am thankful for all of you guys who unchangingly encourage me, telling me that without change you are reading. Whenever it's hard and think to myself how someone is finding strength through reading this work, it's exhilerating, but at the same time pressuring. Although I lack capacity to grant such big happiness, but if we can exchange happiness and encouragement for just a moment, perhaps that has its own merit, I think. Have a warm and healthy and happy week.

See you next week!

Thank you ^^ ​


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