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The main character always shows up last! | But I'm the main character...

Hello, this is SIU. This is the first afterword of 2019. This week's doodle... is a late but impeccibly well-timed Team Leesoo.

Since this week's chapter was led by narration, it took a lot of time and work to edit. There are times when art becomes critical, or the dialogue becomes critical (of course, both are always important), and on those chapters I find myself spending a lot of time in unexpected places. At least now that I have some experience I can anticipate and react to it, but this week I worked with an extra day or two for editing. ​ Anyway...

This chapter I wanted to both show Baam's escape and Kallavan's strength. Kallavan's durability is definitely unmatched. He can face off three skilled fighters and still charge forth.

​ The reason I pushed Team Leesoo's appearance until now was because I wanted the people Baam had such an emotional attatchment to to show up at the most decisive time. However, it isn't easy for Regulars to enter this battlefield, so to find a good timing to make it look cool... that was in my mind when I introduced Team Leesoo to the scene after much deliberation. I hope my intentions and what you felt matched.

​ Now will Baam and Team Leesoo escape the battlefield safely, what will become of the future of Ha Jinsung, the one who finally fell? Stay tuned for next week ^^


​Now 2019, a new year has started, so I hope all your plans for the year go well, and have a happy and healthy year.

See you next week!

​ Thank you ^^


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