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This is the last afterword of 2018. This time here's Baam and Kallavan. So they signal the end of this year.

​Since Kallavan and Baam is like a shonen challenging a high up, difficult opponent, I like the image they conjure.

I suppose this chapter... absolutely showed off the potential of the developing hero, Baam, without regret. And a chapter that showed the unusually hard-to-kill homeboy Jinsung's survival.


Baam, as shown in his duel with Urek Mazino, has a power that cannot be defined in terms of strong and weak, unable to be rivaled. That's the impression. I mean, Ha Jinsung's expectations on Baam ultimately came from his trust in the potential of said power. It isn't a stretch for Kallavan to be surprised at his growing wound.


​In our big brother Jinsung's front, Maschenny may really end up becoming the master of last-hitting... If that happens, image recovery may be difficult haha.

Don't kill me.

​Anyway, Baam and Kallavan's match has ended and now we're in the endgame it seems. Huhu. On how it's going to wrap up, please stay tuned.

And so 2018 comes to a close as well. I say this every year, but even more so this year, I would like to thank you especially this year for helping me do that I could upload Tower of God. ​ Well, it's been a year I worked diligently this year, if I do say so myself, but there were a lot of disappointments, difficulties this year. I think to myself "I could do better", but there's always next year, so I would like to end this year believing I can do better. Thank you, thank you so much for being with me for the year of 2018. ​ ​---

So wrap up 2018 well, and I wish you a blessed New Year in 2019!! Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you ^^


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