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Hello everyone, the afterwords have come back for this week ^^

This week's art is Kallavan..

Kallavan, I personally designed him with the concept of a young German soldier (with a goal that he is willing to fulfill blindly).

I wonder how you guys, my readers, are receiving it.

Since last week's chapter was pretty strong, so I wondered if I needed to scale things back this week. However, this arc's ended up with a pretty long tempo anyway, so I decided that it was unnecessary to do so. So I thought it would continue with a strong story progression.

The relationship between Yuri and Ha Cheon-hi is ... hmm... something you can see in most of the 10 families.

It has to do with how the Ten Families are a collection of people obsessed with being gifted, and as such they often have clashing egos.

Active Rankers can be a few hundred till a few thousand years old, but after growing up together in the family, there's not too many opportunities for encountering each other. So past memories from growing up last a long, long time, having an effect when they meet again.

Cheon-hi in this chapter believes that she made an adequate decision between her position as a member of the Ha family and as a division commander in the Zahardian Army, but since Yuri prefers doing what she wants instead of doing what would be adequate, so Yuri ends up being a truly Ha family style Princess. Well, every Princess gets picked for their own reasons, so ^^;

In Baam's fight scene, we can see him using the power of Black March like his own as well. Rankers have to admit that this attack would kill them if they were to be even grazed by it, so...

Of course, it's difficult to say that Baam is effectively using the powers he owns or borrowed. He might get DMCA'd by the original owners of his powers at this rate --;

In the last scene Kallavan himself has made an entrance: since this progression is non-linear, you'll have to see next week how he ended up here. This is probably the climactic threat of this arc. This lengthy arc is finally coming to a close. Please be on the lookout for how the future of the various characters and Baam is shaped!

Since it's winter now, it's gotten very dry. Make sure your lips don't get cracked (Mines are bleeding right now after underestimating the climate haha)

Stay happy and healthy this week I will work hard to see you all next week ^^

Thank you!


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