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For this week's afterwords, I drew Ha Jinsung. Since he's been fighitng for a few weeks now, so unintentionally (...) I'm having to draw cigarettes and lollipops back to back;

There was no reason why I decided to make him a martial artist with a smoking problem. I needed to give Baam a martial arts teacher, and he needed to look like a middle-aged man. And middle-age men smoke. So it goes (...) At first I wanted him to look like the main protagonist of a noir film, but he just ended up being a gag character with a perm.. So he's become a very strong character who is just a friendly neighborhood old guy for Baam.

Since this week was mostly fight scenes so there's not too much to say in the afterwords, but Baam... how do I say this... takes things in pretty easily ^^; The Thorn, the Black March... But he's not able to control them masterfully yet hehe. He looks strong, but he still has a ways to go...

In Kallavan and Ha Jinsung's fight...I put in a lot of effort but it still felt short. It's not easy ^^; I want to be able to express this better, but I'm trying my best and trying to feel satisfaction over it huhu.

And the last scene...

I guess it's genetic for Koons to backstab (...) This battle's devolving into a chaotic chaos [TN: Korean Meme that doesn't translate well]. Mr. Jinsung..... ㅠ

Well, how this chaotic battle of chaos turns out, stay tuned for next week ^^ The weather is very very cold, so everyone take care of yourselves and dress warmly. See you all next week.

Thank you!


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