44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (2): While Rak Wraithraiser is distracted, Levy notices an opportunity to steal Khun Aguero Agnis away from Rak, David Hockney, and Hwa Ryun. Levy attacks Rak and David Hockney with Deathly Blizzard, but they both dodge the attack. Levy uses his Question Mark Curse on David Hockney in order to pressure the rest of the group to hand over Khun. However, Rak is not intimidated and does not negotiate, which causes Levy to be attacked relentlessly by Rak's stone Shinsu. In the end, Levy releases the curse on David Hockney in order to stop the barrage from Rak, with Hwa Ryun recommending that they should leave and so they do.

Twenty-Fifth Baam charges against Charlie with Yeo Miseng and Androssi Zahard in tow, when Yu Han Sung tries to support him against the ranker, but he is stopped by Stuah Arthur. Yeo Miseng boost Androssi Zahard's Shinsu attack, but it is repelled by Charlie's Yellow Light Defense. Noticing that their attacks are not working, Baam activates his first Thorn Fragment and creates an orb to attack Charlie, but this attack is also negated by Charlie's defense. Charlies retaliates by using White Light - Noise, confusing Baam's senses and putting a stop to the fight.

Ha Yuri Zahard notices that Baam is in danger and tries to leave in order to help him, but Ha Cheonhee stops her, reminder her that she is a princess representing the Ha Family.

The Vice Altar Director has gathered all the hostages and he stores them inside the inventory Great Whaley for safekeeping. Charlies pulls out his transforming needle Orange Snake and attempts to attack Baam, but Yuri sends over Black March using her green droplets, which blocks his attack. The impact also seemingly disturbed the Shinsu allowing Baam to come to his senses and wield the Black March again.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post


For this week's afterwords, here's something to congratulate the KSAT takers and to belatedly celebrate Pepero/Pocky Day.

Good job to those of you who took the KSAT. In some regards, college enterence starts now, so I hope you get the best results!

This week, I front-loaded Rak's fight scene.. Actually, I struggled on where to put Rak's fight scene. Ultimately, this was the only chapter I could put it in due to the flow, even if it made things complicated. The way the story was set up, Rak had to be seen reacting to Evankhell's power. I still hope this fight scene reflected Rak's personality to the fullest. In regards to Rak's mysterious power of sorts, we'll get to have a moment to explore it more specifically.

In Baam's front, he's having trouble with a rather strange technique. Regardless of specs, there's an incredibly big experience and technique gap between Baam and rankers. Since this battle is on-going, please stand by for the next chapter! Various supplemental explanations will be given afterwords in the afterwords then in a careful, organized manner^^.

In personal news, as the peak of the arc nears my body's ailments have been accumulating from work. It's a struggle. I keep telling myself to hold it in, hold it in, and on days like these I think perhaps I should take a break, but for the readers, I don't think it's good to take a break right in the middle of an arc. However, despite the toll on my body I'm working hard while enjoying it too.

And since I've been only doing the afterwords in my blog, I was wondering if this is too much of a difficult-to-approach or inflexible medium these days (debatably), I've been seriously considering changing over to another channel where new readers can come in. Of course, this is an addenda of sorts so I would avoid any changes that would eat up too much time. If you got suggestions I'll look into them (TN: GET ON REDDISCORD SIU UAAAAARG).

Anyway, thank you for reading the chapter and taking your time to come to the blog as well. Please look forward to the continuation of the battle between the Ranker and Baam ^^.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!




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