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For this week's afterwords, as I said in the Author's Words, I drew [sic] bunzi jumping.

I haven't actually watched the movie "Bungee Jumping of Their Own"(...)

But... since it's a famous movie title and it fit the situation, I used it ^^:

This chapter, we saw a lot of new fight scenes start here and there.

The battle between Kalavan and Ha Jin-sung started..

Evankhell's fight continues,

And now Baam's entered a battle against the odds it seems.

As the scale of the battles get bigger they may seem fractured; I want to make sure you guys enjoy it even if it makes the chapters longer, but it's not an easy problem. But I will work harder to make sure you can savor the fun of each side of the grand battle.

In the Kalavan vs Ha Jin-sung front we see a bit of a backstory. We'll see a bit more of Kalavan's past. He's a scary character for multiple reasons..

He too is based on physical strength, and just from how he looks you can tell he will have a more "explosive" feel to him.

On the Evankhell front and the appearance of the floor ruler, which is something that was obviously going to happen from a lore perspective, but since a floor ruler is an outsider to the battle, yet a force powerful enough to compare to Evankhell, so I wasn't sure when they would intervene. Actually, if you're someone as high up as a floor ruler you end up not wanting to do stuff like fighting(...) Evankhell's being the weird one, but that's because Evankhell hasn't been a FR for long, hehe.

On Baam's front we have big trouble.

Even though we've been having a overflow of Rankers in Tower of God these days, but haha.

Still, from the eyes of Regulars like Baam, Rankers can seem like absolute beings. Of course, Baam isn't a Regular, and had an explosive growth in the Hidden Floor, but how well he'll fight against a Ranker, we'll see.

These days I suffer from the stomach inflammation I thought I was done with qq. This stuff catches you off guard, coming back when stressed or not caring for it. It's a disease of the heart I say, hehe. I guess I gotta go on a diet of cabbages three times a day or something (..)

So these days I worked out whenever I had time, went to a concert(for a girl group, no less), and did other such activities. Cultural participation is the true medicine, it seems.

So everyone, let's win out the Monday-itis with Tower of God. You guys and me! Win-win.

Well then, I'll be back next week with Baam awaiting a fight with a Ranker. Please look forward to the battle, and have a happy, warm, and healthy week.

Well, see you all next week!

Thank you ^^



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