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Short-hair Baam and Ha Jin-Sung.

I recall there only being one shot of short-haired Baam (S1Baam) and Ha Jin-Sung together in the main series too. A student to fulfill his master's long-lived wish. A forced relationship of sorts, so an unusual discipleship for sure. They both respect each other, but Baam himself may find it difficult to think of Ha Jin-sung as simply his master.

Baam's entered the main stage of sorts for the first time in ages, and he's doing well haha. They're C-class Regulars, so there's that, but they're not exactly 10 Familiy so they're not the best. Still, they have sponsors so they're above average C-class Regulars. Actually, in a air fight like this, there's not too many C-Class regulars who can fight properly hehe.

Yu Han-sung... there's no need to describe how he treats Regulars (...) But it seems that at least he has pride as the Master Proctor to the Floor of Tests, so he lashes out at Ha Chun-hui. Double standards to the max, but he can still look classy while doing it.. We need a Quint for sure. Hehe.

Finally we have Kalavan. For Kalavan.. I personally wanted to give him more of a sense of being an elite military officer as a twist. He knows Ha Jin-sung from before, but there's an age gap. Kalavan is a character who has multiple layers to his true intentions.. He's strong... and perhaps scary...;;

These days I realize more and more how difficult it is to release a fantasy manhwa on a weekly basis haha. Personally, I feel that it's fun on its own right, and I feel like I'm living in a blessed environment. Of course, separate from my personal life, in regards to my work I find that there's a lot I wish I can improve on, and a lot I need to improve on. I wish by section there can be improvements to the system as we move up towards success.

And so, I'll be back next week with battles that keep getting bigger and bigger. I hope you all have a healthy, not-too-cold, happy week.^^

Thank you!



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