44F - The Last Station: Evankhell (3): After Yeo Miseng takes down one of the Purple Eye Brothers, the other brother tries to slow her down with their observer Purple Eye. However, Miseng reflects it back at him and takes him down as well while Androssi Zahard cheers her on. Miseng being happy with her performance says that she don't want any of her friends die because of her anymore, a sentiment that resonates deeply with Twenty-Fifth Baam.

Elpathion tries to come to a peaceful solution with Evankhell, but due to their difference in perspective it does not go anywhere. Elpathion together with Shakhul, Cha Tanoa, Ari Bright Sharon, and Khul Nissam Kay takes up position and starts their attack with the goal of subduing Evankhell. Bright Sharon takes the Fisherman position and nimbly attacks Evankhell on the frontline, while Shakhul as a Spear Bearer supports from the back with his spear techniques, Elpathion takes the Light Bearer position, and Cha Tanoa supports from the backline as a Wave Controller. Evankhell admires Bright Sharon's sword skills, but overpowers Bright Sharon with her Ancient power. However, Bright Sharon responds with Marine Fairy Swords, which temporarily dissolves the ancient power. Elpathion follows up with his light bearer skill Wall of Despair, but it does not really affect Evankhell to a large degree.

In a flashback, it shows how Evankhell first met Yu Han Sung at a battlefield. Since he was another person that does not fear death, she took a liking to him and spared his life. After remembering this scene, she decides to partially release her powers, which causes flames to engulf her and a giant fiery elephant to manifest.

On another side of the battlefield Ha Cheonhee notices several warships approaching with one of the containing Baam, Androssi, and Miseng.



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Blog Post


This week’s drawing is the running-into-the-fight Baam and Ha Chunhee ^;

In general Ha Chunhee’s armor is annoying to draw but..

I like acting out the essence of the heroine’s character style.

While Evankhell feels like a mighty warrior holding out against many, Ha Chunhee feels more like a strict warrior.

In this chapter.. The truth is because of Evankhell’s fire rampage there was alot to draw this time.

In general rather than focusing on Evankhell vs the army I am trying to show the pure battle ability of rankers within the top 100.

Well.. if you become a high ranker, you are basically equivalent to a disaster/calamity to pretty much all (regulars)rankers/regulars.

I am pretty much on top of everyone(or maybe it’s evankhell) [Translator’s note: no clue exactly what this means, but pretty sure it’s not relevant]

It seems this is the first time someone from the Ari family has appeared.

Though they fight to stop war and they are a family that works to keep the balance,

It is because they are such a strong family that they are able to do this.

Like the character(Sharon) said they are a sibling family along with Arie.

However, unlike the Arie, they don’t use fancy swordsmanship or have fancy swords.

The nature of the tower is that because of shinsoo it is not an ideal battlefield(translator’s note: not sure)

The Ari family normally uses needles, and they have needles that match their person/personality.. That kind of style

From now on, any person from the ari family will have their own needle. haha

Next chapter it seems finally Baam will fight rankers.

I believe you should be excited for what’s going to happen next.

Of course Baam is still like a newborn baby haha it may even be a little dangerous.

Well this is pretty inevitable I guess!

Last week because many people told me to be careful and gave me advice

Well I am taking the advice and I am eating more cabbage haha

I feel like the stomach pain has gone down a little bit.

Because after I finished the chapter I wasn’t feeling too well on the weekends

I thought it would be hard to keep working so I tried to get away from everything for a little bit, so I went to gangwon-do to get some air.

I went to a cafe and was watching the ocean and I figured I would work anyway(...)

Even when I try to rest it seems that I am always thinking of and doing work, I guess it has become a habit. Haha

I feel like I should often just let it go and rest, but it seems that is harder than it appears.

Still the people of Sokcho and the sea were beautiful.

Even if I couldn’t rest very much it was enough to see the rainbow and eat some good food.

Well then I will stop the useless talk here and next time I will come back with Baam, who has entered the tiger’s den. ^^

Well then everyone try to frequently get some air and eat some good food.

Be happy and be safe and have a warm week!

Thank You!



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