44F - The Last Station: Evankhell (2): After Khul Nissam Kay's weapon was destroyed by Evankhell, Nissam Kay changes tactic and attacks unarmed. However, this attack was not anymore successful than his first. Meanwhile, Death Karambit starts a fight with Dorian Frog.

After seeing their master beat up by Evankhell, Nissam Kay's servants Jay and Weye tries to defend his honor. Jay goes in for melee attack against Evankhell while Weye attacks from afar, but Jay is quickly killed by Evankhell in close quarter combat and Weye is killed from afar by Evankhell's Blazing Orb - Inferno. The activation of the orb gains the attention of Elpathion and Ari Bright Sharon who recognize it as Evanhkell's orb.

Inside the Last Station Twenty-Fifth Baam is guided by Lee Sowa towards the exit so that he can save his friends. However, along the the way he is stopped by Androssi Zahard and Yeo Miseng, who wishes to join him on his mission to save their friends.

On another part of the Last Station Rak Wraithraiser and David Hockney discuss their role in the upcoming incident, which Rak follows up with inquiring from Hwa Ryun about Baam's chance of success. Hwa Ryun is not optimistic about his chances, but says that if he indeed succeeds, he will rewrite the history of the Tower.

On their way to the exit, Baam, Miseng, and Androssi are confronted by the Purple Eye Brothers after dodging a trap they laid for them. Miseng requests to fight them by herself, so that she can prove her worth to Baam, which he agrees to. Miseng proceeds to charge the brothers using Shinsoo Boost Berserker Mode and immediatly bypasses their defense and takes down one of the brothers, which impresses both Androssi and Baam.

After Evankhell's orb has started to destroy several warships, Elpathion and Ari Bright Sharon comes out to stop her rampage.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post


This week’s chapter drawing is..
Just.. if you look at the leader’s head(elphasion) it looks like a Galaga spaceship …
From there, though I thought it would be fun if he shot lasers out of it,
The truth is he does not (a tragedy)

Since this battle has started, because there have been many hierarchies established
Frequently some readers have said they don’t understand the rankings.
The truth is because I have come from the army this is all common sense to me so I did not realize.
Well of course if you just go on the internet you will find a lot so I will not explain fully separately.
Well.. in general in a country as far as I know
[To be honest I can’t understand the korean words for military positions.
If anyone else wants to translate please do.
It’s not very relevant, just a summary of how regular military positions(in real life go)

So to explain why they move around with so many people/as such a large group
Truth be told the military division's warships are only called airships in one sense of the word, they're more akin to cities.
And to move such a gigantic structure requires a lot of manpower
The more people you command, the stronger/the more power you wield,
with the downside that you're responsible for providing for a lot of people
When you invade or siege someone, having many people under your command is useful
So basically, if you're a high ranker on the level of Evankhell,
completely obliterating a city is no big deal
Of course the bigger the force is, the stronger the ranker in it/ruling the group of people is,
so this is why they (these high rankers) can't wreak havoc willy nilly

In the tower, although Jahad’s army is a little different,
the difference is not huge.
The truth is right now the ranker’s battles are important but
underneath that the details(such as the size of the army) is not that important haha.
Then.. the reason I have caused uncertainty and am now carrying it on..
(note: super confused about this. Might be completely wrong)
The reality is if the army has alot of strength,
controlling it requires the arrival of a leader
In all of the tower, because the army has many strong leaders,
underneath them many strong people gather.
Well rarely there might be scenarios where that is not the case haha
Anyways.. I’m sorry because of the military scenario.
In terms of results, the kids of military leaders or division commanders are very strong/sturdy!(....)
[translator’s note: i feel like this is sarcastic, but honestly not good enough to tell.)
Anyways Miseng have gotten alot scarier.
It seems that when kids enter puberty they get scarier.
She is becoming quite the girl.(hard to translate)

In general right now I have been taking more dangerous medicine and it is a problem that my heartburn is not getting better.
Even though I am doing exercise and diet control I haven’t done previously…
They say it’s because of stress.. Ugh..
if there is anything good for stress please let me know.. (cry)
Okay then, I will come back next week with the “decent opponents” fighting Evankhell…
I will return with Baam’s worried eyes looking over the going-through-puberty Miseng
Then be happy, and have a healthy week!
Thank You ^^



  1. Chapter Blog Post
    Translation by Livingthedreamfreal on Reddit


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