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Hello everyone, it’s SIU.
This week’s drawing is.. a summary of the last slide of this episode
Looking at this battle’s scale and the detailed rankers,
it is a bit difficult to draw.
That is how many Evankhell-like high level rankers there are in this battle.
There are some good things to that I guess

On Baam’s side
Baam going to rescue the regulars feels like certain destiny.
It always feels like Hwaryun is scratching(?) against Baam. haha
It’s realistic advice, but it’s too straightforward.
Rather, it will make Baam jump right into the battlefield.
Of course where it was a joke or not nobody knows.
Because Hwaryun thinks of Baam as a god
On some level, she may even believe in him.
Of course this time there is a high chance
Hwaryun wanted Baam to take the safer route.
Well, that kind of look comes from Androssi as well.
Androssi’s situation comes from her rational perspective
being overlooked by her feelings towards Baam.
(TN: not entirely sure about this one)
I believe it is a little different.

Evankhell and Karaka’s army have finally arrived at the battlefield.
Even though Karaka’s army has some strong rankers,
because the nature of the battle is one with a gathering of very and high-up rankers,
the feeling will possibly be different from before when we saw Pedro. Haha
The truth is all of them are either close to or stronger than Pedro in strength.
Also, if you look at it, Karaka is on the fortunate side to have such good followers(...)
In FUG because Karaka is the most active and prosperous slayer even if that’s not true,
for his age he has many followers. (TN: Also unsure if this is exactly correct)
Well, it’s not like Karaka’s personality is bad or he is hostile to his followers.
He may very well even be very popular?

Evankhell’s situation is
Very strong haha just by the ranking.. Is there a need to explain more..
Even though the the ascension to ruler of the floor of test contributes to the ranking
(The truth is there are many people who do not fall into the top 100 solely
because of influence)
There are almost no scenarios where someone with the power of the ancient is this active.
They are very rare, and by their nature are very powerful
This battle just by the nature of having Evankhell there
it will be very fun. haha

Recently, because my health has not been well
I am getting this and that checked out
Because by the end of this week
I will be finished with all the hard tests my breath is coming back haha
After a long pause, I am resuming working out, walking,
and am working on my diet..
My life is already full of medicine so it does feel a bit late but I am working on it ^^
Well, even if it doesn’t work just to rest a little bit I will do it haha.

Then, thank you for this week,
Next week I will come back with a different level of Evankhell and Kalaban’s followers

Be happy this week as well,
And have a healthy week!

Thank You ^^



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