44F - The Last Station (7): Elpathion finds Ha Yuri Zahard's story suspicious, while Ari Bright Sharon summarizes the events they missed, which causes Khul Nissam Kay to get upset that he lost the opportunity to potentially fight two slayers. Ha Cheonhee reveals to Yuri that is was not just her division that was mobilized, but three of the four divisions in the Fourth Army Crop. Just to capture a few regulars.

Levy tries to use his Question Mark Curse on Twenty-Fifth Baam, but it is not succesful, which confuses Levy, who starts to ask Baam questions about his identity. When Baam reveals that he just got of the Hell Express, Lee Soyong congratulates him and Levy deduces that Baam is the regular Zahard told him to kill. Levy attacks Baam with another Spell called Deathly Blizzard, which Baam dodge and negates with Reverse Flow Control. This gives Baam an opportunity to attack Levy, but Levy uses another spell called Hair of An Ancient Saint to escape. Androssi Zahard kicks Baam in the head for leaving her to mop up the remaining regulars, while Soyong runs into the control room to find Ryu-Ahn dead on the floor. Levy is walking away, but finds out that he did not completely escape Baam's attack since he feels an intense pain in his chest.

Lee Xiawun, the manager of the Last Station, proclaims that Baam is not welcome there and shows a video from Zahard's Army, which informs Baam that they will kill one of his companions every hour if he does not leave the station. Baam decides that he has to save them, which makes Androssi happy, since Baam has not changed since she met him.

Evankhell and Yu Han Sung are sent to Karaka's heart by the Second Floor Guardian, where they are met by one of Karaka's servants called Death Bird meet them. A warp gate that opens when Karaka life is in danger opens, which lets Evankhell, Yu Han Sung, and the rest of Karaka's servants travel to the Last Station to help him.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post


Hello all, this is SIU ^^
This week’s chapter image is army-themed Evankell
Last week my body was not well I did not write a blog post.
Right now because I ate some medicine it seems like I am getting better
Even then, in general I am trying to reduce time sitting down when I am not drawing .
It really seems like when people get old(even though I am still young haha)
recovery seems to be slower
Even though I should try to consistently work on my health it is not an easy problem to solve. (cry)

This week…
Levi and Baam fight.. And
Last week Zahard’s additional military showed up.
This week it seems people who are capable of helping Baam have showed up.
I don’t know if I should call that weird(massive)?
(translator’s note: not sure) person a person. Haha

Anyways, Levi’s thing is that he utilizes spells.
Whether you are chosen by Zahard,
or you are utilizing a form of medium(note: unclear exactly if this is right),
right now it is only a little taste.
Out of the selected regulars from Zahard, Levi is on the strong side.
The truth is if you don’t have a good understanding of spells it is hard to block them even for strong regulars.
It showed up earlier, but it seems Baam is very strong against spells.
What kind of secret there is, you will find out later. ^^
Though you should not call Levi’s question mark spell a trick, there are some activation conditions.

This chapter, Karaka’s secret is revealed
Because Karaka’s heart cannot be found by most rankers,
you can look at it as a form of immortality.
How karaka came to wear a spell-clad armor might be revealed later
FUG’s slayers are special and clearly differentiate themselves from normal high rankers.
The same is true of Yama, who came out earlier.
There are times when Slayers have armies.. Karaka also has an army.
The truth is because the army is not actives,
it is hard there are situations in which he has to mobilize his army quickly.
(note: not exactly sure if this is correct)
This time, because Evankell is here, it looks like reinforcements have arrived.

Anyways, in terms of the feeling,
maybe from next week it will feel as if the scale is even bigger.
Even though it is something that is crucial to the story,
there are some things I am worried about.
What, I guess I will just say that the second concern is that it’s hard to draw. ^\ ^
Though I hope there will be no difficulty from you guys,
I would like to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion from the scale… well …
when the world gets much bigger than before, I guess it will be a hard problem.
Even though it is hard work,
I will do my best for you all to enjoy reading as you go haha

Okay, thank you all again for reading this week
Next week I will put in effort so that you will read a slightly more fun webtoon!
Please take care of your health and have a happy week
Thank You ^^



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    Translation by Livingthedreamfreal on Reddit


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