44F - The Last Station (6): White's attack killed several Rankers, with Dorian Frog surviving due to Pollack taking the brunt of the attack. However, White ran out of power after that attack and Zahard's Army proceeds to capture him along with Karaka. Sachi Faker, Bero Bero, Boro, and Phonsekal Irure are trying to escape Zahard's Army in the Last Station, but they are stopped by Phonsekal Drak.

Several Regulars try to stop Twenty-Fifth Baam, while on another part of the Last Station Levy has killed several members of the station and threatens Lee Soyong. Baam hears the scream of Soyong and rushes ahead to help her, while leaving Androssi Zahard to finish off the regulars. All the regulars from the Hell Train are in a prison except for Irure who was taken by Drak since they are from the same family, while the White and Karaka is in a special prison for High Rankers. Ha Cheonhee greets Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok while doing some small-talk, which Cheonhee follows up with telling Yuri about the plan to use the regulars as hostages to draw Baam out of the Last Station.

Soyong is under the Question Mark Curse by Levy when Baam rushes over and attacks Levy, which caused the spell to be undone. Meanwhile, the main force from the Assistant Corp Commander has arrived at the Last Station.



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Because of the change of seasons, my body is not well but now even the chronic gastritis has come

Other than the time spent working I’m in a state where sitting is tiring

For this week I will rest

Next week I will hopefully be healthier and will try to come back

I expect all of you readers to be safe and have a joyful week ^^

Next week, I will come back with the commander(two star?) who looks like devilman

Thank you[1]


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