44F - The Last Station (5): Ha Cheonhee moves the carriages of the Hell Express to leveled position and orders a ticket holder to open the door, but the door opens on its own. However, it is not Twenty-Fifth Baam's group, but rather Rachel's group that is in this carriage. By using the Bong Bong Androssi Zahard managed to get Baam, David Hockney, Yeo Miseng, and Rak Wraithraiser into the regular area of the Last Station. This plan that managed to get them into the Last Station is revealed to be made by Hwa Ryun, utilizing the skills of all the regulars and Evan Edrok.

Cheonhee goes back to her warship and lets Ha Yuri Zahard continue her fight with Karaka, where Yuri shows off her power and start to dissolve his body into shinsoo using her green droplets. Knowing that he is beat, he tries to leave by abandoning his body using the Return To The Abyss skill, but Evan Edrok stops him using an item that neutralizing spells. Evan Edrok tries to convince him to get captured by saying it would help both him and the regulars.

White seeing that Karaka is defeated thinks that everything is sorted out, but the Final Clone nags him to continue fighting so he can rescue the regulars. This sparks him to unleash a wide-range shinsoo attack called White Magnolia, which hits many Rankers from Zahard's Army.



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This week’s picture features a special fantasy movie for Chuseok.
The rescue of the captured khun by Evil Boss Chunhee Ha
Warriors blessed by the Goddess Yuri!’s that type of thing… ^^

I expect all you readers to have a good holiday~

This week..
The destiny between Baam’s team and Rachel’s team is broken
Even though Baam was not thinking about Rachel’s escape in the first place
Originally… if you had heard this plan beforehand,
it would have been hard to implement it

Hwaryun and Androssi have successfully pulled one over Rachel.
(Translator's note:hard to translate.. Means pulling a prank but in a menacing way)
I am still thinking of various ways bong bong can be used
Items made in the workshop, regardless of class, are very rare and special.
I think it would be good if you thought of bong bong in this way.
Inside the station another danger awaits Baam’s party.
It will be hard for Baam’s party to be comfortable for now..

As time goes by, the battle between rankers becomes more fancy and beautiful(tired)
In White’s case, he eats the soul of other people and gains strength
The truth is, his power and form can do nothing but change
Maybe, i don’t know, but his form right now might be close to his final
If you were to compare him to when he was on the floor of death,
I would have to say he is a bit stronger now.

White was very strong in the floor of death, but due to the arrival of Gustang(...)
Maybe because of his personality he is looked down upon by many slayers ^^;;
He looks strong today.
Of course because he is White, you cannot be relieved by this haha

It is Chuseok..
Truth is, I could not go home (cry) I miss my mom haha
There is a lot of traffic… There is no save button (cry)
(Translator's note: No idea what he’s saying here) this holiday has passed as well..
It is okay for 2 years, but to live like this for 7-8 years I guess it is okay for a person to live like this haha
I will try my best to work hard next year to be able to go home
(even though I said something similar last year…)

Okay then everyone please spend the holiday joyfully
Tell alot of fun stories, and eat some good food ^^
I will try to return next week along with the strong White

Thank you!

Be Happy! ^^



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