21F - Flower of Zygaena (3): The chapter begins with Viole rushing towards the the sudden power surge felt.

In the meatime Wangnan, Goseng, Miseng and Akraptor are chasing the piggy with the flower of Zygaena on it's back. In the end however, the piggy runs into a hole in the wall, which is too small for the grown ups to fit in.

Horyang warns Prince about the man who appears to be the epicentre of the power surge and urges him to escape. However, after a another display of power they are told not to run if they wish to survive longer. The man reveals that he is one of the strongest in the Tower and many Rankers sent after him were killed by him. After Horyang tells him, that they're just Regulars sent there to fetch the flower as a Floor test, the man, laughing, comes to the conclusion that the examiner probably sent them here to die. He promises to let them go if they remain silent about this encounter and they give up on the flower of Zygaena. As Viole also enters the chamber Horyang advises Viole to give up the mission.

Unable to pursue the pig further the group decides to send Miseng through the hole as she's the only one who can fit inside it. Akraptor approaches Wangnan inquiring about the change in his demeanour. Wangnan reveals the circumstances due to which Viole works for FUG: For each failure one friend of his will be killed.

Viole refuses to back down and sends the two away. When the man tells him that his stubbornness will probably cost his life, Viole replies that there's something he fears more than death. The chapter ends with the two on the verge of a showdown!



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Hello, this is SIU.
I think many readers will expect an afterword, so I'm posting this.
A close friend passed away so I think it'll be difficult for me to write an afterword. I've always tried to draw manhwa and greet you guys with a smile on my face, even if personal things happened, but today that's not so easy for me. Sorry.
I'll return with a brighter appearance after I sort out my feelings. ^^
Thank you for always cheering me on.