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This chapter’s image concept is the concept of leaders ‘Chunhee Ha and her kids’
When you have leaders like this, viewership(Note: I think this means viewership) should go up.
The mortality rate also goes up…

This week… there are many fights.
It feels like the falling White coin has been slowly growing.
I’ve said this before, but dodging an Arie’s sword is virtually impossible.
When getting hit by Arie’s sword, one should be moving forward(note: presumably to counterattack)..
But this is really only viable when the power/skill gap is fairly large.
Usually if you encounter a member of the Arie family who is similar level,
you should avoid them.
The direct line of Arie is small,
so it’s true that a chance to meet one face to face is fairly small.
In general, the ‘movement’ that I want to see the most is Arie’s swordmanship.
Even though it is shown in a battle scene,
portraying the swordmanship on a still-frame has a limited feeling to it.

It feels like Karaka and Yuri have been bumping heads throughout the hell train.
The situation has been set up for them to be rivals.
The truth is even though Karaka has the power/skill to be a slayer,
there are other, more important reasons why he is a slayer.
In the battle scene, it’s evident that Yuri is shown to be stronger.
(lately Yuri’s temper(?) seems to be rising as the days pass)
Well.. even then Karaka is a character with an immense potential.
But that’s true for Yuri as well.
Be strong Karaka.

Because there were so many ranker battles,
it feels the regulars haven’t been taken care of properly.
(Note: SIU is essentially saying he feels he’s neglected the regulars in the chapter in focus on rankers)
From this week on, there will be more focus on the regulars.
I mean… the focus will still be on ‘staying alive’ like this week.
It will probably be a little difficult haha

Hopefully Baam and co’s will not die at Ha Chunhee’s hand
The truth is lately I feel like my lifespan is shortening haha
If it continues this way, who knows, I may pass before my characters do.
Anyways, next week Baam’s fate should be cleared up.

Okay then everyone please have a healthy week.
Next week I will come back to Baam and his fate ^^
Be Happy!
Thank You!


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