44F - The Last Station (3): Despite White's efforts, Water Jelly, H-14 and Powler stop the Hell Train. Dorian Frog doesn't want to believe White, that he is that ancient Slayer, because he was sealed away by Zahard's Princess. Afterwards he summons Pollack, the ancient frog. This Shinheuh overpowers White, sending him flying far away. Hwa Ryun reassures Poro Poe, that everything is going fine.

Meanwhile, the commander Ha Cheonhee orders to send troops into the train. After Yuryu used his Observer to scan the train, two Regulars from Green Revolution Crew, Pinnacle and Kong are send to use ticket to open the door to the Hell Train. When they are about to do that, Hwa Ryun says to open two doors. Karaka comes out of one of them and suprises Regulars. Immediately he is attacked by Misebichi, who uses Shinsoo Baangs. Their clash is quickly stopped by green beam of shinsoo. Yuri appears and tells Rankers from Zahard's Army to move away, because Karaka is her prey.

The weapon she is holding is recognized at once. Cheonhee wonders what Yuri is doing there and if the Zahard's Order was given, because the Princess was on the Hell Train and sent the signal. Nevertheless, the Division Commander orders to show the utmost respect and everyone present from Squadron 4, Division 2 of Zahard's Army kneels before the Princess Ha Yuri Zahard, the great master of two 13 Month Weapons!



Naver Endnote

The White Coin has gone into an adjusting phase. The Yuri Coin has gone into a rapid rising phase.

Blog Post


The drawing of today’s postscript is a gangster ver. Yuri..
Even among Zahard Princesses, Yuri is a Princess who was bestowed with the 13 Month
And that makes her very influential among the Zahard family and Ha family.
That is the reason why she still stays unharmed
despite her history of recklessly messing around with stuff(…)

This episode began with White’s ordeal
Even though White looked pretty badass in the previous episode,
he has been sent away afar by the frog’s whing whing (he didn’t die though ha ha)

Well.. While it’s true that White is still not perfect,
the frog handled by Frog is a very powerful ancient frog as well.
Frog may have a lower ranking than Yuri, but is still a High Ranker
It’s pretty evident from how Frog managed to stop the train alone,
while three Rankers had to collaborate together to stop it..
Of course, Frog's tier is still far below compared to White's at his prime.
I actually used the infamous fxck… frog internet meme while drawing the frog
But I couldn’t just use the word fxck it is, so changed it to “chicken” instead..

Anyway, ha ha
Since the train has stopped again, the crisis of team Baam will be continued.
It looks like there is no way out, based on what's present

By the way, when Zahard or a Princess with a 13 Month appears on the battlefield,
the Zahard’s army has to kneel before he or she with no exception.
No matter what’s going on, they must get down on their knees.

It’s because they have a faith in Zahard or the Zahard Princess that
he or she will protect them even if something goes wrong
That’s how much the Zahard Princess means to the Zahard’s army.
And well.. the Zahard’s army is strong enough to do something insane like that, so that too.

Anyway, with Yuri’s appearance, the atmosphere has shifted once again
Hope you guys will stay tuned to see whether the team Baam be able to safely enter the station ^^

As for my personal business, recently my neck hasn’t been so well
So I’m thinking of whether “Should I have some posture correction…”
But then, maybe I’m being too greedy to wish to retain a healthy posture for my neck while drawing
Hope you guys will make a habit of having good postures, too ^^

So have a happy and healthy week as always
And I will try to bring the next chapter next week with no hassle
I am thankful for all of you who have come all the way down to my blog, and left me comments

Thank you!


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    Translation by Bunnyasbanana on Reddit


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