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Naver Endnote

Sound-wave attack with piano.. nope, he doesn't do that.

Blog Post

The drawing for today's postscript is a talented piano player Baam (10th grade)..
If I remember correctly,
a man who is good with piano used to be a popular trope in shoujo manga
(I read them a lot due to my sister's influence..)
I think there is also a stereotype that a man who plays piano= rich man ha ha
Anyway, feels like Baam would still remain talented even if he goes into music.
He's a gifted genius after all ha ha
For Khun, maybe a violin would suit him..
(that was the symbol of wealth back in my childhood) For Rak..
well, maybe he can play a drum..

So for this episode..
Continued from the previous episode, we see the Ship Leesoo's side.
I personally like drawing team Ship Leesoo.
Compared to team Baam, who leads the main story, team Leesoo has a lighter feeling ha ha
There are many comical elements to them
(Of course, the funniest character in this work would be Rak though)
I hope to write more about team Leesoo in later times,
But I'm afraid I might not be able to take care of them as the scale is expanding.

According to the Tower's rule,
Rankers are prohibited to meddle with Regulars' business in the Regular's area,
But as it was shown today,
the strength of Regulars is almost always affected by Rankers,
both directly and indirectly.
Frankly, from the start, if you are born into a reputable family,
you can receive a ton of support when climbing the Tower.
Maybe Rankers interfering with Regulars,
as you saw in this episode, is the way to balance the tilted scale after all
Of course, the side effect will be tremendous as well though ^^

The stronger a Regular is,
they are more likely to be from the 10 Families or team up with them
So it is a rare case for an ace Regular to receive aid from other families, but..
In some special cases, ace Regulars may receive personal aids to climb the Tower.

The man who made the appearance at the end.. is the Pianoman..
I mean no.. is the new enemy Mr. Kalavan.
Considering what Ha Jinsung also said about him..
I think he'll be the most 'militaristic' enemy among the enemies we had seen so far
But the bottle is yet to be opened. We need to unscrew the cap first to see what's inside.
Based on how he's going on about stuff like "Rhapsody,"
I assume he has an overflowing amount of bluffing power, a quality for a boss.

As for my recent personal business..
I have lots of trouble in recent days but am not sure about how to solve them.
Maybe I am just a person who always carries trouble all my life.
Anyway, I'll at least try to solve one or two of them soon ha ha

And from time to time, there are people who do a fanwork after receiving my approval
I can only be grateful for those who cherish,
read, and make interesting things out of Tower of God to enjoy them.
It makes me think about how I am both knowingly and unknowingly loved by many people-,
That said, hope you had fun reading this week's chapter,
And have a happy, healthy week!
See you again next week!

Thank you ^^ [1]


  1. Chapter Blog Post
    Translation by Bunnyasbanana on Reddit


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