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Naver Endnote

As expected, looks like wearing a red hat boosts a person's strength

Blog Post

The drawing for this week’s postscript comes together with a red
that may boost your strength exactly by triple..
To be honest, red is not a color I want to see,
considering the hot weather in these days ha ha

As for Yu hansung’s side,
Seems like his lifeline is tougher than it looks ha ha
Although the name of the Floor of Test’s ruler has been mentioned quite frequently ever since the Best Challenge,
the setting has changed a lot from the past.
Sometimes people are mistaken about it,
but all of the settings that I have previously written before are pretty much undetermined
until they actually do appear on the story.
I have made announcements regarding this several times,
but seems like a quite number of people are still unaware of this TT
The same problem kept repeated so now I have turned them all to private, but..
Anyway, they are very different.(and wrong)
Evankhell used to be a man back in the Best Challenge, and even now, well..
it’s kinda hard to say that she’s perfectly female..
that’s the case ha ha
For more details, the plot needs to be progressed further..

Rather than to say that the relationship between Baam and Rachel has changed,
I think what eventually had to turn out like this was being postponed for a long time.
Rachel always acted thinking “Baam will ultimately end up like this-“
And as for Baam, although that wasn’t exactly the case for him,
it’s still true that this is what he has reached to.
I think people who have become too accustomed to being hated in their lives,
come to feel more comfortable when they are being hated, rather than being loved.
Whatever it is, seems like the two will move forward in a certain direction.

I heard that there is a fan-cafe meeting on Saturday, so I went there
Feels like the time when I went there thinking
‘Wow, really? From my Manhwa fan-cafe?’ was only yesterday
But knowing that this is the sixth already,
made me realize the time truly flies by ha ha I still can’t believe it.
It’s probably thanks to the fan-cafe members and those of who love the work,
rather than to me, but, ha ha
I deeply appreciate those who joined.

When I really get to feel readers like this, umm.. well.
I feel really good.
Like, when readers do a cosplay of a character, draw fanart,
or gather at some place to share their likes,
and chat about them – and when I suddenly come to realize that I’m the one who made this.
That feeling, is truly special but also lies heavily on my shoulder.
As the work has gotten quite aged now,
I do feel the saying that “nothing will last for eternity”
But maybe because that’s how it is,
it might be good for me to get touched by each moment like this as I live.
When will moment like this ever come again?
I have to continue working persistently so that I can feel this moment even by a day longer
Of course, sometimes I should take some rest in between ha ha

So please take care of your health during the hot weather
Have a happy, and peaceful week.
Thank you ^^


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