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??F - Hell Train: Three Orders (1): After Khun Maschenny Zahard declares her intentions of starting war with Ha Jinsung, he goes into a monologue about old people disliking change. Maschenny reciprocate by describing Jinsung's reason for hating the Zahard Empire and saying that his rage is not something that would disappear so easily, and so long that this rage lives on war can break out at any time. Maschenny then orders her fleet to attack Jinsung.

Jinsung takes no damage from the attack from the fleet, not even bothering to put up any barrier at all. Jinsung proceed to attack back with his own Shinsu control skill, Red World (Water Drop), which destroys the left part of Maschenny's fleet. Maschenny then orders her troops to retreat while she uses the El Robina, a anti high-ranker weapon, to try and kill Jinsung.

Twenty-Fifth Baam wakes up on the Hell Express to the company of his teammates and Ha Yuri Zahard, but Khun Aguero Agnis is noticeably missing. After some brief interactions, Baam is shown the state of Khun, who is on the verge of death. Khun has frozen his body and is kept inside a transparent box that belongs to Evan Edrok, which will him alive for the moment. Baam asks who did this, with Androssi Zahard taking Baam to Beta to show him who is responsible.

Beta says that Rak Wraithraiser has vowed to kill Rachel, implying she is the one responsible for Khun's state. Beta says he saved everything he saw on a memory stick and that Baam should watch it for himself. Baam watches the video and starts silently walking towards the door, when Androssi asks him where he is going and if he will still forgive Rachel. He says he will not forgive Rachel for what she did to Khun and that he will make her pay.



Naver Endnote

I'd like to recommend Rachel to run away.

Blog Post

 The season 2 chapter 310 postscript has come again without me dying(?)

Today I felt like it was a good idea to draw Rachel and Baam.. so that’s what I did.
Come to think of it, they are the two characters who have appeared since Tower of God’s introduction,
I love them dearly.

This week..
Jinsung bro seems to be surprised by how serious Zahard is.
The relationship between Jinsung and Zahard is like..
“my granny’s close friend is actually a king,” kind of relationship.
It is rare for 10 househeads or Zahard to have a connection with those who are beneath(?) them
So you can say Ha Jinsung is quite close to Zahard,
as they even shared conversations before
You may have noticed from how he delivered his order this time,
but it is a very very rare occasion for househeads to talk with the ones who are beneath them directly.
Anyway, due to the huge scale, a battle between High Rankers is pain in the ass to draw.
It would’ve been easier if they had a more cutesy way of fighting..
Like Jinsung using his lollipop to attack.. Hmm..

About Baam’s side..
As the problem has to do with Khun’s life
Looks like it has lit the fuse of conflict
I wonder how Baam and Rachel’s relationship will change..
Their relationship has been slowly progressing since the Floor of Death,
but maybe this time there will be a more dramatic change.
The two are bound together anyhow
So please look forward to how this change will lead the story.

Ah, by the way, this is the eighth anniversary for Tower of God. ^^
(I already gained eight years of age..)
The fan-cafe is doing an event celebrating this eighth anniversary,
so feel free to check it out
And it maybe also fun to join in
Eight years.. Hmm..
Thank you for those who always cheer me up and work hard for me
I always feel sorry for not being the best author,
but everyday I’m doing as best as I can in my life
There have been painful and tough moments,
but your care and cheer constitute 80% (to match the rhyme with the eighth anniversary)
of the reason why I could hold myself against them.

Anyway, the weather is getting hotter
Take care of your health- and I always wish all of you to have a fun, happy week.^^
I will come back next week with dangerous looking Baam and Rachel.
Thank you!

p.s. Which team will be the champion team of the World Cup.?




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