??F - Hell Train: The Advent (1): T.B.A.



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Today I drew Zahard's alter? Power?...(that's long..).
He was wearing long garments in the manuscript
so I was planning to make him wear a simple suit.
But with a headshot, it does not make much of a difference.

The development in this week actually was about the impact, not the plot(..)
It looks like the outside Zahard is incredibly strong ha ha.. Well, it's nothing surprising
He's on a whole other level from the data based on his regular self.
Since there is still a long path to climb, that much of the difference is pretty much expected.
Since there is a big gap between even a regular and an ordinary ranker ^^;

Yura and Rachel's side of the story is becoming more and more chaotic and hellish..
How it ended, was pretty unfortunate.
Personally, I think Yellow's story best represents the Hidden Floor.

Baam's second thorn did not make a proper debut yet
But it seems that each thorn has a different ability.. or power.
Maybe even the transcendental techniques will evolve.. I hope you look forward to it ^^

The weather is getting hotter, and there are so many mosquitoes coming to my window TT
Why can't the fine dust kill mosquitoes..
Hope you all take good care of your bodies
Have a good week
I will try my best to return next week in good condition
See you next week

Thank you _ _

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