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??F - Hell Train: Power (2): Twenty-Fifth Baam after a wide ranging attack goes directly for the next orb, but Zahard (Data) intercepts him. Zahard activates the second form of Lecalicus and with a serious demeanor he stands his ground.

Through a combined effort, Khun Aguero Agnis's group and Rachel's group manage to lure Scales of the Past into the bug room, which allows Hwang to open a gate and summon several building heading toward the scales.

With the second form of Lecalicus, Zahard managed to repel Baam and destroy the third core. This leaves him with two cores compared to Baam's one. After some exchanges between Baam and Zahard, Baam's Blue Oar turn into wings which Zahard compliments. They continue fighting and Baam declares Zahard unfit as a king.

When the scales of the past are presented with buildings it had not seen before, it tried to copy them which caused it to catch a lot of bugs. Rachel detonates a bomb in Khun's heart, which she put there while she healed him earlier. Rachel smiles as she looks at Khun, thinking she was able to kill him with her own hands.

Baam is being pushed back against a wall by a more adept opponent, so he needs another source of power to end this battle soon. In a risky move, Baam ignites the Thorn Fragment and pierces himself with it. This causes the Shinsu around Baam to tremble. Zahard notes the power emanating from Baam feels very similar to that of the Guardians.



Blog Post

Hi. This is the season 2 chapter 303 postscript.

It’s that kind of weather, summer but still a little too cold for a T-shirt.
There are probably others, who feel too hot even at nights now,
but I am strangely prone to the transition between seasons
I easily catch a cold if I let my guard down just for a moment.
Maybe I already got one.. haha.

The battle with Zahard is almost reaching its climax.
Baam still does not have a full control over his skills,
But a little by little, he is getting better at it.
The battle between Baam and data Zahard.. how can I put it,
It feels like this episode is Baam fighting a boss that is far above his level,
and farming EXP for it ^^;

For Rachel(Icarus) and Khun’s side..
It was hard to show their side in detail because of Baam’s side..
But, Rachel finally achieved something (clap clap clap?)
Personally, I wanted her expression to show that even if the outside(Icarus) changes,
the inside(Rachel) still remains the same.
Now, it has become difficult to guess what’s going to happen with this side as well ha ha.

Maybe Baam learned only bad things from Hatsu, he did hara-kiri.. ha.. ha..
If Marines have Stimpack and UFC has doping, then Baam has the thorn..
Maybe he will return as the real burnt Baam/chestnut..
Let’s wait for the next week if you want to know the result of doping

Anyway, please take care of your health when the season is shifting
For me, well.. nowadays I sometimes feel lost and get sick
But for the next week as well, I will do my best to return with burnt Baam ^^
There is a part of me wanting to do better,
and another part of me just wanting to get some rest
What’s important are not jealousy and stubbornness but happiness and peace,
but the path to reach that state feels so complicated.
Regardless, I should try to do a good job. Diligently.

Anyway, have a happy, healthy, and nice week guys!
Thank you ^^

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