??F - Hell Train: Training (8): T.B.A.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

Thanks to Naver who has given me a shocking thumbnail..

It was too busy for me this week.. It happened so that the postscript is late, too..
So as soon as I saw this, I knew I should put it in the postscript..
Thanks again for the Naver employee who has supported me.

I was thinking of making an explosion, since it’s April Fools day
Hmm. Guess I have no such talent.
Since webtoon and fan-cafe are already doing some other stuffs,
I will just focus on the manuscript.

This week, I won’t add any explanation about the work.
While I do want to offer some excitement for those who come to read the postscript every week,
I kinda felt guilty about just going on and on about the episode as well.
Maybe I should just keep the postscript short and try putting some other content.. I am considering it.
I have so many thoughts but I have only one body.. It’s troubling ^^;

These days, I wonder how long I can keep this pace
But aside from that, I always want you to enjoy my work.
If you enjoy reading it and I enjoy drawing it, there’s nothing more I can hope for

So, hope you had fun reading it this week as well,
I will wrap up my postscript for April Fools day, and come back next week

Stay happy!

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