??F - Hell Train: Training (4): T.B.A.



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Blog Post

Hi. This is SIU
 As I told you last week, this week was very busy, and difficult,

But somehow I have managed to complete the episode
Maybe due to that, I am drained of energy and experiencing early symptoms of a cold
(Attack from the changing of the season?)
Sadly, I have to be satisfied with just letting you know how am I doing, for this week’s postscript

It’s not like I am feeling seriously sick,
but more like I have accumulated too much tiredness, so I expect myself to feel better after some rest,
But since I have a quite large amount of work that I’m getting behind for the next week, it won’t be easy
It is March, a month when everyone gets busy.
So I am really sorry for pretending like I am the particularly busy one
I will try to show a more lively(?) side of me starting from the next week
Based on the plot, it looks like ToG characters will get busy as well from the next week’s episode. ^^;

Since today’s postscript was short,
I will try to draw Bandabi Khun for the next week’s postscript (vow vow)
Cheer up everyone, and have a good week
I am looking forward to meet you guys again well
Thank you for loving me always.
Be happy.


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