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??F - Hell Train: Training (3): The sworn enemy of Twenty-Fifth Baam and Khun Aguero Agnis are disappointed by Jeok and wonders what to do next. They are then met with Phonsekal Yurure who tells them they should just charge in to the place of their sworn enemies.

Khun Eduan continues his lessons with Baam, giving him a Shinsu Reactant made by Po Bidau Gustang to determine the Shinsu Quality of the user. Baam asks if Rak Wraithraiser and Khun can also join the lesson, which Eduan agrees to. They all check their Shinsu Quality, Baam has an orb, Rak has a stone shield, and Khun has an ice spear. Eduan notes that the ice spear is quite rare and asks why Khun is not an Spear Bearer, Khun says he could never defeat Eduan with spears anyway. Eduan tries to convince him to stay and train, but it takes Baam to convince Khun to stay and train.

Data Maschenny and the rest of the team make it to the final stage, where Data Zahard is waiting for them.



Naver Endnote

Boss before me...

Blog Post

As I said last week,
for this week’s blog post image I drew Baam being dressed up as Soohorang.
I felt that for this kind of stuff, I should make Baam do it, so I just went for it.. haha
It’s cute ha ha Maybe for the next week as well, I will draw a character doing a costume play.

Finally, all of the Winter Olympics have finished today. I really enjoyed watching the curling.
Actually, due to the time schedule I could not watch all of it but played the Korean vs.
Japanese match while working..
Players from both countries were all splendid,
and it was too fun for me to stay focused at work ^^;

If I can do some simple talks about this week’s episode,
The training this time..
If the training Baam did in the Rice Pot was a training that was meant only for Baam’s special path,
this time, it’s broader, and regulars get to know about it..
(Of course Baam’s party will learn it a bit faster, at high speed)
Please think of it as a part of that kind of training process.
Though by nature, Tower of God is closer to the systemic growth in strength than the sudden level-ups,
I am considering to focus more on the characters in this training.
How will Baam, Khun, and Rak progress.. I hope you can look forward to it.

For Boro’s side, though it was an obvious route-
They did get to meet with data Zahard. I wonder if Boro’s party can cross there..
and seize the mirror.
Well, first of all, will they be okay or not.. It’s worrisome.

I have important personal business next week, so I am not sure if I can keep up with the work,
But since I did not post a notification for hiatus,
I will try as best as I can to continue the work.
There is still a chance that I will take a hiatus though
It might look like I am keep doing my work with no problem at all,
but in reality, I am living a hard, intense life to keep up with the work. ^^;

Anyway, the season has started to shift, so please take care of yourself
They say there is more fine dust in the air as it gets close to the spring,
so please bring your mask with you when you go out.
See you in the next week!
Thank you ^^


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