21F - FUG (3): Jinsung meets with Baam on the roof and tells him he'll put in a good word for the team. He reveals that ever since they met six years ago, he's always wanted Baam to be happy.

Meanwhile, Wangnan is in shock at the revelation of Viole being an Irregular. Composing himself, he asks why Viole would ever join in the first place. Hwa Ryun decides to answer and says that Viole didn't join out of his own free will. He was forced because FUG is keeping track of his precious friends from the Second Floor. Every time he makes a mistake during his climb, one of them will die.

Wangnan is appalled by their brutality and calls FUG evil, but Hwa Ryun brushes his comments off as "superficial sympathy and justice". She says they didn't think it was right either for Viole to have such a destiny, but it was necessary for the sake of their wish.

During the night, Wangnan goes up to the rooftop and talks with Viole. He says that he doesn't think of Viole as a bad guy anymore, that they should definitely pass the next test, and that he considers him a friend.

Yihwa then enters, much to the pair's surprise. She says she had something to say to Viole but Wangnan plays it as a joke, saying that now a beautiful red-head showed up, she's starting to take the offensive. Yihwa gets pissed and her fire goes out of control, waking everybody up. Everything appears to be lighthearted, until the Slayer Karaka appears...

Four days later, the test begins.



Blog Post

The FUG arc ended.
Actually, I was planning to continue this into the next test in this arc,
but I thought the arc would be too long.
(I thought it would be difficult to get some length out of this.)
So I divided it into two arcs. I think this next test will go short and powerfully(...) ^^
I’m expecting about 6-7 chapters, but I’m not sure.

Although I’m sure you have realized if you read this arc,
the story of Tower of God actually revolves around the 10 Families and Zahard’s past ^^;
Why FUG is trying to kill Zahard,
how Zahard became the King of the Tower,
why Mirchea Luslec wanted to make Baam a Slayer,

all of these will be revealed one by one (as well as stuff about Zahard’s Princesses).
I’m thinking these will be explained over a long period of time in Parts III and IV ^^

Karaka made an appearance (although that was just a silhouette).
Karaka is a character that will appear often in Part II.
Of course, by often, I mean often for a Ranker ^^;;

Next test, a pretty interesting character will appear.
It’s fine to anticipate that character, since I’m expecting many readers to take an interest in the character.
Honestly, this test is nothing but ground bait for the next arc. Haha.
I think you’re feeling the scale grow bigger and bigger.
And the bigger the scale gets, the more I die(...)

I must complete the story before I die TT TT

Character Guide
I opened the post on Mirchea Luslec to the public.
If you’re curious, please take a read.